Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SDCC Bag Outfit 2015...I Need YOUR Help!!

I had such a fun time collaborating with my good friend Louise of Anna Mia Clothing for my 2014 SDCC bag dress that I thought, YES we have to do it again this year!!  I have a bunch of bags saved and I cannot wait to get the ideas flowing as to what this year's outfit should be!

I have some cosplay ideas I would like to do for SDCC, but it is so far away that I cannot narrow it down yet.  Let me brainstorm a few ideas now:

  • Harry Potter Wizard - Bag Robe
  • 12th Doctor - Bag Coat

Oi it's hard this far out!  LOL  I've also thought of just a skirt this year...Shabby Apple makes amazing designs and I have always wanted one of their tulle skirts.  Maybe I do a skirt similar to these with a nerdy tee?
Ok and now this is where YOU come in!  I need HELP!  What should I do?!  Should I do a cosplay designed outfit or one of the skirts?  I really love the nerdy and girlie aspect of my dress last year and I think the skirt would give the same effect.  I am "The Nerdy Girlie" after all!

Louise DOES take custom design request, but not MANY!  Contact her ASAP if you want something for San Diego Comic Con.  She can walk you through the measurement process and you can pick up your creation when you arrive for the con.

She measured me once last year and at each fitting the dress fit perfectly!  I wouldn't have any qualms recommending her work to anyone who isn't local to San Diego.

Leave your suggestions for me in the comments below and I cannot wait to get this year's outfit started!  Do you have anything special planned for SDCC this year?  We are past the 6 month mark, time to get thinking!!


Erini said...

I think a blazer could be cool too... or a moto jacket... Definitely could get a lot of life out of it beyond the con. But I'm also sort of all in love with blazers right now. :)

❤Cate❤ said...

A skirt would be awesome and you could totes rock that any time! A jacket or coat would be a nice idea to though although it might get a bit sweaty depending on the weather :p xoxo

♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

B. said...

I think a robe would be AMAZING. I've seen coats/jackets done before, but never a bag robe!

Usagi said...

I vote either the robe or the tulle skirt! Those would be so rad!

Crystal Rose said...

I'm always a fan of gender-bending cosplay so I'd do a cool outfit with one of the skirts- probably the tulle one for ease of movement at the con.

Ivette said...

Oh I love the first dress >.<

Joie_Fatale said...

While I love 12's jacket, Wizard's robe of SWAG bags sounds EPIC!!!!!!!

Deidre Crummitt said...

I vote ROBE!!!!! :D

Ari Carr said...

I think you should definitely go for a skirt and nerdy tee combo!

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