Monday, October 20, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #6: Behind the Scenes at Starling Glow Music Video Shoot

I love Instagram, have I ever said that before?!  Yeah....HERE and HERE!  :)  Well I'm going to say it again!  I LOVE INSTAGRAM.  While scrolling through my feed the other day I saw an awesome shot posted by American Authors by the lovely @rachel_shoots.  Of course I then had to Insta stalk her and liked a ton of her photos.  She then hit me up to email her, so of course I did!
Rachel is photographer and publicist here in LA, representing the amazingly talented lady Liz of Starling Glow.  Liz had a music video shoot this past Saturday for her new single Ignite and Rachel invited me to get a behind the scenes look and share it with you!
I have to admit I was kinda intimidated going to my first music video shoot {after the Gavin DeGraw debacle, not sure I shared that experience!}.  I pulled up to a downtown LA street with builds that seemed empty.  Luckily I found my way rather quickly thanks to Rachel and my new friend Billy.
Billy took me up to where the action was taking place and introduced me to Liz, who was in makeup.  Liz was super sweet and took some time to thank me for coming down and say I could basically shoot whatever I wanted.  So for the next few hours I did just that.  Trying my best to stay out of everyone's way.
It was nice to be a fly on the wall.  Everyone had their job and they did it perfectly.  The shoot went very smooth and efficient!
The last shot of the day had to be my favorite as it was up on the roof top over looking downtown LA at magic hour.  The lighting was perfect, the band and Liz nailed it!  It was such a fun way to experience LA, which up until now I was still on the fence about.  Thanks to Liz, Rachel, Billy and the entire team, I think I am finally enjoying this city!
Liz's single Ignite drops on Tuesday on Fuse, so make sure you go and check it out!  You can find Liz and Starling Glow at the links below!
Twitter:  @StarlingGlow
Instagram:  @StarlingGlow
Soundcloud:  Starling Glow

You can check out ALL of my shots from the shoot on my Facebook page.


Unknown said...

What an amazing experience that must have been! :)

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Wow, how cool! I love being on set for music videos!


Joie Fatale said...

Oh man that's so cool!
And I'm listening to the song as I type, and it WILL be in a future workout playlist! It's perfect for it; so motivating!

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Nerd Burger said...

Dude! Just listened to her soundcloud. She rocks. My fave song is Ignite. :)

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