Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately

I always have a HUGE list of nerdy items I want.  But I am trying to be good and just stare at them via Pinterest than buying them!  I'm trying my best to save for my UK trip next year!  That being said I DO have an Amazon Wish List and ALL of these are on it :)
1.  My TEES!  I created The Nerdy Girlie tee with the I Am Brand and the Chocolate with The Hunny for my upcoming The 1975 show!  I cannot wait to sport them both around!  Keep an eye out on Instagram :)
2.  Union Jack Toms.  I heart Toms & Union Jacks so....put the two together and this is a must have for me!
3.  Jordandene - "Don't Blink" tank.  I love the deep blue color of this tank and the subtle and gorgeous script!
4.  Pinup Girl Clothing TARDIS sweater.  Isn't this gorgeous!  It's not too in your face nerdy, more a classic style.  I just wish it was cool enough here in LA to wear it!
5.  "I just don't find British accents attractive, said no one ever" tank.  I just think this tank is too funny!  I think some of my British boy bands might too.  Would love to have this to wear to a show!

Last week was so amazing nerds!  You were all great!  I cannot wait to read everyone's this week and see what else I need to add to my wish list!!



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Sarah Oh So Kawaii Xoxo said...

That tardis jumper is so cute! Now I want to add it to my list!


Soph! said...

I love the last one! I am a sucker for british accents, but as the shirt says, who isn't!

I love Pinup Girl Clothing's geeky items. Always so classic!

Thanks to you and Super Space Chick for this fun link up. I linked up this week too!

Erini CS said...

The Tardis sweater! I love love love that it's knit. And, you know, just pretty. :)

Unknown said...

Yeah, DEFINITELY needed that last tank top for the One Direction show this summer. Oh well, there's always next year! ;)

Unknown said...

I love that you're making your own tees! Too cute!

Stephanie Medeiros said...

Wow, what a gorgeous Tardis sweater! Love it and it'd be amazing with those shoes for a casual outfit!

Unknown said...

That sweater is adorable. Now if only I could get it about 15 sizes too big. I love living in huge sweaters in the winter!

Here is mine!


Thanks Sarah, I just have ideas what I want and can't find them so tada!! xx


LUV that idea!! Thanks Steph! xx

SJMiller said...

Love the Tardis Sweater! I will need to add that to my wishlist!

SJMiller said...

oh yeah! here is my link up for this week! >_<

Kendall-Ashley said...

That TARDIS sweater is adorable! Love it!

Cold said...

I swear I'm the only non-Dr Who fan in this 5 Fandoms Friday group. LoL

Those Union Jack slippers are pretty neat though.

Meghan Sara said...

That is the best TARDIS top I've ever seen!!!

Eris said...

Those Union Jack shoes and the Tardis jumper are perfect. Now I want them too

Usagi said...

The TARDIS jumper!! It is divine!

Joie Fatale said...

Pinup Girl Clothing is the BEST! I think...I think I'm in crush with them!!!
But seriously, that sweater is perfection!

Unknown said...

That Tardis sweater is so cool! And your 1975 shirt! Ahhh!

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