Monday, September 15, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #4: Barcelona

I first heard of Barcelona through A Silent Film's Lucky Pennie app playlist.  Lucky Pennie is an app similar to the likes of Spotify and Pandora and is a free download for the iPhone.

Usually I put on a playlist or album while I work and I was happy to have this playlist to get me through the day, and then Barcelona played and snapped me out of my concentration.  Upon hearing the first notes of their song Fall in Love I was hooked.  I went straight to Soundcloud and swooned over their new set of three EPs entitled The Melodrama: Love Me, Love You and Know Love.

The Melodrama EPs were all released in March of this year, and each boast a different sound, feeling and story but with a central theme, love.

  • Love Me - Let's you dance your way through as you fall for Barcelona's soulful lyrics.  Favorite track:  Sick, it was so fun to dance to live, see video below!
  • Love You - The second EP is full of swoon educing slow jams that are perfect inspiration for a night in.  Favorite track:  Even though Fall In Love wast the first of their songs I ever heard, I have to go with I Choose You.  What girl wouldn't want this song dedicated to her?!
  • Know Love - The third and final EP goes out on top and is my favorite of the three.  Continuing the theme of love these four tracks combine the best elements of the first two EPs, catchy songs and soulful lyrics.  Out of the four songs, I tired to pick a favorite track and couldn't, they are ALL that good!

Long story short, I fell in love and was determined to see them play live.  I was able to catch their performance on Audio Tree Live to tide me over.  It was so amazing that it only cemented my desire to see their live show.  So when I heard that they would be at one of my favorite venues The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, I purchased my tickets straight away.
First off I want to let everyone know that it is OK to go to concerts, dinner, movies, anything alone!  I missed out on a lot of things I love because I use to be scared to go alone, Barcelona was not going to be one of them!  I've been doing solo shows for about a year now and always meet some awesome people {my Twin Forks ladies}.  So DO IT!

Now onto the show itself, I want to give a BIG shout out to BOTH of the openers Verre {GORG both visually and musically} and The Young Wild {SUCH a fun time!}.  Both are great so go check them out!  After two awesome openers it was time for Barcelona and I waited with a big grin on my face, in my favorite spot, elbows on the stage.
As they began to set up, I watched the process {I'm very fascinated by this part at any show, how everything connects and fits together technically} Branden, the keyboardist was bent down plugging in this and that right in front of me, he looked up and we smiled at each other and he introduced himself!  That was the sweetest thing ever!  I am happily surprised by how kind Barcelona is to their fans new and old.   At the merch table Rhett did the same thing.  They were super polite and kind.

The show it's self was an upbeat, good time.  You could tell the boys were enjoying themselves, especially Branden who danced the entire time.  They had all had a great energy, even though the crowd hardly did, except for the awesome super fan who was standing right next to me.
During the very last song lead singer and guitarist Brian had a guitar string break.  I had never seen this happen before and he handled it perfectly.  He crooned through the song perfectly all the while re-tuning his guitar in time for an amazing solo!

My favorite party of any concert experience, besides getting lost in the music, is knowing that the people who create the music that speaks to you are kind and care about making an experience out of their shows.  Barcelona does this and for that I am grateful and even more of a fan than before.
Barcelona is Branden, Brian and Rhett.


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