Saturday, September 20, 2014

Geeky Confessions

The Gamer Wife recently left it all on the table with her Geeky Confessions.  It took me a while to want to participate because to be honest I was nervous!  One I couldn't think of any, then I thought of a lot and felt a bit bad about it.  But so many awesome bloggers have shared their confessions and I've seen nothing but support!

I read one blog confessor who said she thought The Walking Dead was stupid.  I LOVE The Walking Dead and I totally LOLed when I got to that confession!  It made me realize that it's ok that we don't all like the same things, but hopefully we can all have a sense of humor about here are my Geeky Confessions!
It's not that I don't like video games, I just think that I am a total noob.  I LOVED Nintendo back in the day and still use my Wii to play classic games like Pokemon Snap and Bubble Bobble.  I've tried the newer games and they are too hard for me!  I tried Assassin's Creed because it is The Hunny's favorite go and I tried Star Wars Force Unleashed because of Sam Witwer, I got to the second world and it was again too hard!  Sorry gamers, I still love YOU though!
I've read comics in the past, I loved the New 52 Batman.  I also began reading The Walking Dead and enjoyed it.  The main reason I don't read comics is the money and space.  Now that I am saving for my next UK trip and am living in a WAY smaller place, I have no where to keep anything.  So it's not that I don't LIKE comics, it is more of a money problem.
I grew up watching TNG and loved it then.  I recently went back and tried to watch season one was a bit cheesy!  I still love Patrick Stewart and he is my Captain, but if I had to choose, I would be Team Star Wars.
I gave Supernatural almost an entire season.  There were some good episodes in there, but then it got a bit to scary for me!  I can deal with some scary.  I'm weird, I can handle serial killers {Dexter, The Fall} and vampires but the stuff that jumps out at you or just stares at you...ek I can't even think about it!

Thank you Mariko for the fun link up and I hope I didn't loose any friends in the process!  Make sure you head over to The Gamer Wife blog to see Mariko's original post and everyone else who has participated so far!


Desiree said...

I thought I was the only one not on board with Supernatural. I'll admit I don't think I have it a fair chance & have been thinking of giving it another go.

B said...

If you don't have space for comics, you might want to check out digital comics! You can even find a lot of deals on sites like Comixology!

Emilee said...

Supernatural really tames down imo. I loooved season 1. I've quit watching in about season 5. It got really boring to me. I'm not a Star Trek fan either, but I love me some Star Wars. I used to read a lot of comics, but not so much anymore. I only play 2 games: Sims & GTA ahah!

Anonymous said...

Supernatural is hard watching! It is pretty damn scary in the first series, but generally peters out. I'll have to join this link-up! I have more than a few geek confessions haha.

Unknown said...

I hear you on Star Trek! I tried to watch a few episodes from several different seasons, but it just never caught my attention.

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