Friday, July 18, 2014

SDCC Photo Hunt 2014

I LOVE Instagram and all the photo a day challenges users create, so I decided to make one for my MOST favorite time of the year San Diego Comic Con!!!  Last year's was a great success and so much fun I HAD to do it again!  Come join us!  What I did last year was make the image below my iPhone's home screen to remind me to take pictures! 
{example: 1.  Breakfast. Up bright and early ready for a day at the Con! #SDCCPhotoHunt14 #Breakfast @thenerdygirlie}

I will be checking the hashtag #SDCCPhotoHunt14 on Instagram throughout the con and will be sharing my favorites with you throughout the con my via Instagram and on The Nerdy Girlie blog after the con!  

Don't forget to use the hashtag #SDCCPhotoHunt14 & tag ME {@thenerdygirlie} so I can see ALL of your awesome photos!  Get creative and most importantly have FUN!  Let the FUN begin on Preview Night!!

 Download the iPhone 5 wallpaper!

 Download the iPhone 4 wallpaper!

 Download the Android wallpaper!


  1. Nuts. I can't play along. (No Hipstergram for me). Poo.

    1. Brian, come join the masses now :) LOL xo

  2. YES!
    I will try to get them all! My SDCC-Instagram-Version-of-Pokemon!!!

  3. So what WILL be the hardest thing to get off this list? Surprise Encounter?

  4. Such a cool idea!!