Thursday, July 31, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - The Swag

Since my first year at SDCC the swag count has gone down dramatically.  This year has been the least I have ever seen.  But that means that the things I do acquire are of higher quality and mean more to me.  Here are a few of my favorites and a few things that took my money!
This year everyone at the SherlockeDCC party got an awesome swag bag!  I am so excited to read my High Voltage Magazines!  They are THE people to talk to if you want to learn about awesome music {other than our very own Music Maven}!  Make sure you check out their weekly podcast and follow them on Twitter!
Thanks to Adagio Teas, I will be sipping some yummy SherlockeDCC tea blend while writing all my wrap up posts!  
One of my favorite swags from the very beginning has been the HUGE bags that are given out.  I always collect as many as I can and a LOT of them went into making my Swag Bag Dress this year!  None have ever come more in handy than NBC's Constantine bag!  There was a freak summer shower while waiting in the Lego line and it kept me nice and dry!  I had to take care of my shoes :)
Speaking of the Lego line, I won my very FIRST Lego Mini Figure...UNI-KITTY!!!!  It was a two hour wait in the rain for one second of pure fright, but I won!!  Four out of six in our group did.  I have never worked so hard for swag in my life and it was completely worth it!  I cannot wait to try again next year!
It seemed like outside the con was where it was at for SDCC swag!  You didn't need a badge to play the Simpson's carnival game outside the Hilton Bayfront!  Pink donuts?  Yes please!
Nerd HQ had its annual mini con at Pet Co Park and jumping in the photo booth for some free pictures was one of my favorite things to do!  They even upload them straight away to your Facebook, Twitter, email and Instagram!
The best swag inside the con goes to The Outlander booth!  Along with highly attractive booth cosplayers, they were one of THE busiest booths around because of their gorgeous set up and awesome swag!  The Music Maven {Outlander's BIGGEST fan} went to the booth everyday!  She sadly missed out on the tee and tote, but was happy with the badges, shot glass, iPhone cover and bandana!
Now for what I bought!  My very first stop on Preview Night was the BBC America booth!  It was there that I bought Sherlock stuff for The Music Maven and Doctor Who stuff for myself and The Gamer Geek.  Upon exiting the booth though, I didn't see the heart tee and David Tennant tank!  It took until mid Sunday for me to make it back and purchase those.  I was so happy to have them take my money for a second time!  I was even wearing my hat on Sunday and they remembered me!

What was your favorite swag of the con?!  Did you notice the lack of it on the floor?!  One I'm sad I missed out on was the HUGE Reptar swag bag and the Jurassic World poster.


Krispy said...

I felt like there was a lack of interesting swag on the floor this year too! But some of it was great. Like Gotham gave out some pretty sweet stuff at the zip line - T-Shirt! Metal Gotham PD badge! - and I loved the Outlander booth inside (I got a shot glass)!

Danalee said...

I managed to snag a Reptar bag (it was so hard! the people handing them out walked SO FAST!!) but the Jurassic World poster was a no go. One guy I met who got one said "if you got the text, you were already too late" because it was given to whoever happened to be in the right location at the right time before the text even went out. The poster looked gorgeous too. Oh well!


I was standing outside the Jurassic truck for over 20 mins and no one showed up...oh well! Congrats on the Reptar bag! :)


WOW the Gotham swag is awesome! the line was always crazy, but looked so fun! xo

J said...

Looks like you got a bunch of great things! Love the pink doughnut and the white tank you got! And I see your Nikon strap... Awesome!! I have a Nikon too ;)


Shannon said...

I missed out on most of the swag this year because I was either waiting in line for panels or walking around in costume. (I try not to carry a big bag with me while cosplaying since my costumes are usually already unwieldy!) But I did grab that David Tennant tank for my 12-year-old, Who-obsessed cousin as penance for not bringing her to the con. I wish I'd gotten one for myself, too!
P.S. I write a column called Geek Chic for the website College Fashion and featured your blog in a "geeky inspiration" site roundup!


Jess, I've used Nikon since college! LUV IT! xo


Thank you so much Shannon I will defiantly go check it out!! xo

B said...

The amount of free swag has gone down for sure. Or if there is free stuff, you have to risk bodily harm to get it, which I'll pass on. Congrats on getting that LEGO though! That's awesome! Most of my purchased swag came from Marvel and Her Universe! said...

The number of free swag has down but this year the magazine was so nice and students are here liked this so much. Their need to more work for increases the swag number also.

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