Wednesday, July 30, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Courtyard Marriott Cosplay King & Queen Contest

Once I received my confirmation as press for SDCC, the press releases came rolling in.  One in particular caught my eye and I was super excited about!  Kelly from the Courtyard Marriott contacted me saying they loved my Everyday Cosplay on my blog and asked if I would like to participate in their SDCC cosplay contest.

Of course I jumped at the chance!  What I didn't know when I said yes, is that there would be some very special guests involved, Norman Reedus, Greg Nicotero and George R.R. Martian!
Once I arrived at SDCC I was given four keys to pass out to awesome cosplayers.  Two boys and two girls.  Right away I knew the girls I wanted to pick.  I have been great friends with Mia Moore and Liz Locksley via our Female Geek Bloggers G+ Community and was finally able to meet them in person at SDCC!

They graciously accepted my invitation, but sadly neither of the boys I picked were able to show.  But I was sooooo happy to be there to support and cheer on my girls!
The contest took place right over the pedestrian bridge near Petco Park on Saturday night.  Norman and Greg were the special guests on Saturday.  George would be the special guest on Sunday.  The crowd was HUGE and super happy to see both Norman and Greg.
The guys took the stage first and Norman and Greg crowned Robot Chicken as the winner!  You could tell that both judges were having a great time, as well as the cosplayers!
Next it was the girls turn.  I was so proud of Mia and Liz, they looked amazing in their Game of Thrones cosplays!  Sadly neither of them won, the cosplay queen ended up being Martian Girl from Mars Attacks.  I had seen her on the floor earlier in the week and she was super committed!

Thank you to everyone at the SDCC Courtyard Marriott booth.  It was so much fun to be apart of this and I hope we can do it again next year!  Check out all my pictures from the event on my Facebook page!


Jennie Dresses said...

I often wondered how they managed all the cosplay at SDCC and figured they must have lots of little contests. I wish they did that over here more as I would like to have a go, but I'm terrified of the big competitions!

It looks like a lot of fun :D

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