Wednesday, July 9, 2014

An American Anglophile Tries to Brew a Proper Cuppa!

Thanks to my obsession with everything British, my trip to the UK and my great online community, today I tried a lil experiment!  A WHILE ago my good friend An Englishman in San Diego told me about Douglas Adams' proper tea making essay and today I FINALLY tried it!  Thank you unemployment!  I didn't have time to be nervous because of all the photos I was taking...and I think I passed...see for yourself!!

Step one:  Let the water BOIL.  That was probably my most nerve racking part.  I NEVER let the water boil!  While I waited, I took a nice big whiff of the earl grey to calm my nerves!
Step two:  OK that is boiling right?!  Then add a bit to the teapot and swirl to get it warm.  Another step I've never done as sadly the teapot is usually just decor!  Make sure it comes back to a boil again before step three.
Step three:  Place bags in pot, I did two, add water and let seep for two to three minutes.  Also a long wait!
Step four:  If you like milk in your tea, Adams' suggests putting the milk in the cup BEFORE you add the tea.  Though he does mention that it is frowned upon in public. YES I spilled a bit!  Taking a photo and pouring at the same time is a bit tough!
Step five:  IS IT CORRECT?!  I think so?!  I usually don't put milk in my tea!  Maybe next time almond or soy milk.  Not a HUGE milk fan.
Step six:  Hopefully enjoy the taste and the experience in general!  I sure did and I always LOVE drinking out of my special tea cup from Oxford, England!  CHEERS!

What do you lovely Brits thing?!  Any tips leave them for me below!


Unknown said...

I'm from the UK and this is weird, I know of one person who puts milk in their cup before the tea and I hardly ever use a teapot because I think it tastes weaker. I just boil the kettle, stick a PG Tips tea bag in my mug, give it a few moments then stir and squeeze the tea bag before taking it out adding 1 tsp of sugar and a generous glug of milk. For me, it's pretty much perfect every time. I'm very interested to know how this tastes so maybe I'll try and make the "perfect cup" in summer :)

Kristin said...

I'm not the quickest when it comes to pouring boilING not boilED water over my tea, but perhaps I'll spend the rest of my summer practicing...Loved this post :)


Thank you Kristin it was so fun to do!


Thank you Fiona, it was fun to try and tasted good I liked it anyway, but I guess I don't know any better! xo

Mariko said...

My nana was an English war bride and instilled in me a deep appreciation for a properly brewed cuppa. I still remembered the odd looks and comments in the hostel as I patiently boiled a kettle on the stove instead of just heating the water in the microwave (blasphemy!) However, when making green tea I always let the water cool slightly to prevent scorching the tea leaves and making them bitter.

Anonymous said...

I never let my tea brew at all. I just pour the water in, then practically straight away take the tea bag and stir it! I'm not a fan of overly strong tea though so I guess it makes sense!


Mariko, that sounds lovely! I do love the tradition of it all! xo


However you like it is the perfect way! :) xo

Saranga said...

UK reader here.. letting the water boil first is essential. The tea can't steep properly if the water is just warm or hot.
I never put the milk in first, and never use a teapot. I brew it for as long as it takes me to fetch the milk from the fridge, pour some in, put the milk back in the fridge and then bash the teabag for a few seconds. I also wouldn't let earl grey steep for more than 1 minute, but I don't like earl grey.

Tbh, the best way to make tea is how you like it so do whatever you feel works!


Saranga, you are awesome! I love hearing the different ways people make their tea! Its just like another fandom! Thank you so much for sharing and READING!! xo

Saranga said...

We had to do a team bonding/learning exercise at work which entailed drawing up instructions on how to make a cup of tea. The arguments that ensued... we're fussy buggers!


Saranga, that sounds too funny! I Love it!! xo

Claireabellemakes said...

What a fun post!

Did you know the UK has a tea council?! They have advice on how to brew tea as different grades and blends require different temperatures and brew times. I'm a such a tea geek - my tea cupboard is out of control and we have a tea 'menu' on our fridge so people can choose when they come round our house.

After I arrive home from work each day, I take loose tea brewed in an infuser tea pot and ALWAYS served in a bone china tea cup and saucer. Unless it's iced and then I'm all Pinterest and using my mason jars. It's like my relaxing ritual.

Happy tea drinking!

P.S. Next time you are here we should go for High Tea!

Tea council advice:

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