Monday, April 28, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie's Music Monday #1: Twin Forks

I am totally going to butt in on The Music Maven's territory this week!  I have just been to TWO Twin Forks concerts this past weekend and I just HAD to share them with you.
{I brought this and Chris graciously signed it for me!}

Twin Forks is the new band from Dashboard Confessional front man Chris Carrabba. Ever since my friend Tom gifted me the Dashboard Confessional MTV Unplugged Album ten years ago, I have been hooked.  Chris was the first artist that made me feel music at a deeper level and to SEE musical passion.
Dashboard is one of the only bands that The Hunny and I both enjoy, since he is not a music person {yes they apparently exist!}.  I then got two of my little brothers into Dashboard as well.  During a recent road trip the oldest and I belted out the entire album, it was bonding!
With that all being said, one day on Twitter a friend {Kristin} tweeted a Music Monday tweet saying listen to this awesome song, it's a FREE download.  Usually I just pass on those things, but something said listen, so I did and immediately feel in love with the band Twin Forks.  So much so, I had to Google them.  I found a You Tube video and low and behold it was Chris singing!
I ordered the vinyl for my birthday and purchased tickets to their San Diego show.  I was even able to be put on the guest list for their Santa Ana show, so I could shoot it for the blog!  So the entire ride to Santa Ana on Saturday, I had to pep talk myself into work mode and be chill.
It worked and I was able to get some amazing shots and Chris liked them as well! Then Sunday was my day to fan-girl.  If you follow me on Twitter, I posted my few rules for concerts.  One being queue early.  I did and when I arrived was second in line and the two people in front of me were chatting with Chris.  I was not expecting that so my fan-girl freaked a bit and I had to reign her in quickly.  Right away Chris said that he liked my TOMS and then he introduced himself, I was like "I know,"squeak.
It is always nice to know that the people you admire most are kind, down to earth and friendly.  It was quite surreal sitting and chatting {or in my case, listening} to someone you have admired for so long.  It felt surprisingly natural though.  Chris is great at making you feel comfortable, he is very personable.
{Lisa, Kiki and Myself}

Another favorite thing about concert going for me is meeting new friends.  I usually go to shows alone and have found it easy to make friends and find people who connect to music the same way as I do.  In this case, I met two awesome ladies from Washington D.C. who were on vacation here.  When the doors opened we were on the rail together and rocked out together all night long!
It was amazing to finally see Chris' musical passion live.  It is something I have loved so long and never thought I would get to see live, so it was an emotional experience to say the least.  I had to hold back some tears!

The Nerdy Girlie's Twin Forks  essentials:  A Side:  Kiss Me Darlin' & Back To You.  B Side:  Done Is Done, Danger & Plans.


Lori said...

OMG! That's so awesome he tweeted back at you. Great pictures, btw!

Last year for SXSW my friend and I stumbled into a random bar to get away from the crowd and I noticed the band inside was playing "Stolen" by Dashboard Confessional. I remember saying, "Man, this cover band sounds JUST LIKE Dashboard Confessional!"... And as they just kept playing DC songs, I realized it was actually Chris Carrabba / Twin Forks. They were so awesome and I sang to every song!

Loved the video you posted too! :) Terrific post.


LORI! Thank you! LOVED Dashboard for a LONG time so glad to see he is such a sweet and friendly guy! LOVE your story!! Thank you for sharing!! xo

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