Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sherlock: The Sign of Three's Best Moments

I was traveling this week and didn’t get to see Sherlock on Sunday night.  I could have watched, but I had a big day Monday , and like a responsible adult I turned off the TV – shocking I know.  Sometimes being a grown up is so difficult!  I tried to watch again while I was in the airport waiting for my flight home, but it was too loud and too many distractions.  I’m glad I waited to watch The Sign of Three at home where I could just savor every moment.  It instantly became my favorite Sherlock episode yet.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite moments.  SO many moments!

1.  Sherlock the composer and dancer:  First, we see Mrs. Hudson finding Sherlock waltzing around his flat.  He’s listening to the composition he’s written for Mary and John’s wedding.  We get to hear Sherlock perform his special composition for Mary and John’s first dance – at the end of the reception he placed the sheet music in an envelope for the newlyweds – pretty much the best wedding present ever.  At the reception Sherlock confesses that he’s always loved to dance and in that moment he performs a carefree pirouette.  It was wonderful to see him so uninhibited.  

2.  Sherlock the Babysitter:  Sherlock – Archie’s new best friend.  Sherlock was wonderful and inappropriate with little Archie.  Adorable – and SO inappropriate.  Love it!

3.  Sherlock the best man/bridezilla:  Sherlock took his role as best man to a new level – he was bordering on a bridezilla.  I love how close Mary and Sherlock are and how he wants John and Mary’s day to be perfect.  Sherlock took his best man duties very seriously – down to napkin folding and knowing the color of the bridesmaid dresses – lilac by the way!  And then we see Sherlock at his high functioning sociopath best -- investigating Mary’s old boyfriend and putting him in his place.  

4.  Sherlock the Matchmaker:  Sherlock using his deduction skills to let Mary’s bridesmaid know who was eligible at the reception was hilarious.  If private investigating doesn’t work out Sherlock can open his own matchmaking agency.

Favorite non-Sherlock moment:  Mark Gatiss in spandex running tights.  No words.

5.  Sherlock Hair Tussle #2:  As if the hair tussle before The Kiss wasn’t enough in S3E1 we get another hair tussle!!!!!!!!!!  I love it!!!!!  I swear the Sherlock crew has a crystal ball and knows the little things that I love.  Well played.  Well played.
6.  The speech:  First we see everything that led up to John asking Sherlock to be his best man.  We saw this scene at San Diego Comic Con and it was just as funny as the first time.  Sherlock is so oblivious to what John is getting at and when he finally realizes that he is John’s best friend and best man he’s absolutely shocked.  Gobsmacked.  Speechless.  A first.   
Everyone expects Sherlock’s speech to be a complete disaster and it started that way, but eventually we are witness to the most heartfelt speech ever.   
<cue the tears>  

Sherlock, totally out of character, gave the most tender speech.  I was crying right along with Molly and Mrs. Hudson.  Sherlock was unfiltered but in the most wonderful way – his feelings out there for the entire world to see.  No one expected it and that’s what made that moment so special.   I loved how Sherlock turned to Watson and asked if he did it wrong – with an embrace John saved Sherlock again.   I watched the episode again with my husband and even he (who is a bit annoyed with my Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch obsession) got emotional.  

7.  Sherlock the party planner:  Sherlock decides that they should have a drink at every spot where they’ve found a corpse.  Sherlock’s attempt at a bachelor party was a complete failure.  They were only out for two hours but still get drunk enough to end up in jail by the end of the night.  How wonderful to see the best friends, who are normally quite reserved, being ridiculous and silly – pretty much the most adorable drunks ever!
8.  Sherlock’s Final Vow:   Sherlock’s final vow to the newlyweds – he promises to protect Mary and John by “whatever it takes.”  We don’t know what’s to come for Sherlock, John, and Mary, but I think we know things will not go smoothly.  My heart hurts thinking about it.  His final vow also includes an epic slip.  His deduction skill are never off – and he has picked up all the signs of three – as in Mary is pregnant!  Poor Watson and Mary -- so much panic in the moment.  There is also so much love in that scene, but a realization by Sherlock that he is on his own again. Sherlock leaves the reception.  Once again he is outside looking in and even Sherlock doesn’t know how things will play out.   Oh, Sherlock – it was so nice to see your humanity, but I’m afraid it might be the last we see of it for awhile.  
<cue the tears again>

What were your favorite moments?  What do you the future holds for Sherlock?


Chabi said...

My favourite part is when Sherlock plays the violin and give the partiture to Watson.

Unknown said...

I was so sad when he left the wedding early :(


That was tearful! xo


Chabi, that was so charming!! xo

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