Monday, February 3, 2014

30 Unique Experiences That Happened in My 30th Year

In the beginning of 2013, I found myself completely stressed about turning 30.  When you are young, 30 always seemed like a BIG deal.  You are "officially" an adult.  What I came to find out, as the day drew closer, that 30 is defiantly just a number and that growing older only means that you get to grow into who you really are!  I think turning 30 was one of the best things that has happened to me.  It gave me confidence in myself and passion to purse what I want out of this short time on Earth we are given!
That being said...31 is upon me and I go into it this year with happiness and excitement of what is to come!  But before that can happen, I wanted to reflect on what made my 30th year so incredible.  I had a feeling it was going to be a great year, and 30 did not disappoint!

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1.  First time sitting on a panel.  My good friend Tony {@Crazy4ComicCon} asked me to sit on a panel he was hosting for Stan Lee's Comikaze and I jumped at the chance. It was my very first panel, so of course I was nervous, but I am so glad to have the experience and hope it is the first of many to come!

2.  1st time guesting on a podcast.  The Rummage This Podcast asked me to guest on their show and I was so happy to do so.  I have been toying with the idea of starting a podcast, but can't seem to think of what to do each week?  Maybe starting out monthly would be less pressure!  After listening to the @thenerdfu guys each week, I have a tough act to follow!
3.  SherlockeDCC.  When the lovely Baker Street Babes asked me to help host their SherlockeDCC party at SDCC 2013 I was honored!  It was a blast, we learned a LOT and hopefully can bring you a part two in the future! 

4.  Twitter Followers.  When I began on Twitter, I never thought I would have any followers.  Once I began my blog and sharing it, I found some awesome nerds to connect with.  Flash forward to now and I am over 2,000 followers!  I remember thinking before SDCC 2013 that 1,000 was a lot!  Thank you all so much for following, for your kind words and support.  I love reading your words and connecting with you!  Please keep sharing!

5.  Blog Growth.  I celebrated my one year anniversary with The Nerdy Girlie the end of July, 2013 and by August I was happy to see my 100,000th page view.  Just a few short days ago {5 months later} I hit 200,000!  WOW.  I completely enjoy writing and sharing tips with you all, so thank you so much for reading!  I do have an actual job {pre-school teacher/sometimes photographer} so all the blogging I do is done after the school days.  I put so much time into this blog, it is nice to see the positive response from you all!  Thank you so much!

6.  First press passes - D23, Comikaze, SD Comic Fest.  I began applying for press passes in 2013 and was happy to receive one from each of the cons listed.  I applied for SDCC this year, fingers crossed on that!

7.  UK.  This was the trip of my life time.  I will tell you that it was something I enjoyed with all my heart, and plan to return for a longer trip ASAP.  Nothing set in stone yet, but my brain cannot shut up about it!
8.  Paris.  This was a bonus to our UK trip and I am glad that we did it.  By the time we arrived in Paris we had been on the go for six days solid and I was a bit worn out. But through that entire trip, I specifically tried to take my time and soak it all in. 
9.  Playa del Carmen.  We traveled to Mexico for my brother in law's wedding and what a relaxing vacation!  Besides the wedding, all I pretty much got to do was soak up the sun. It was fun meeting all of my new family members and bonding.  It was an absolutely memorable experience.
10.  First time traveling for a band.  I have been a music fan-girl for as far back as I can remember.  Music has had a huge impact on my life and in my heart.  I cannot go anywhere without it!  After attending my first A Silent Film show for my 30th birthday party, I was hooked. When they came back to states in November with a month long tour, I knew I would attend multiple shows and unquestionably had to attend at least one with my Music Maven {who introduced me to the band}.  After my show in Orange County, I flew to Colorado where we attended not one but two ASF shows.  It was such a extraordinary experience to listen to the music you love live, with the people you love.

11.  SDCC.  The best year yet...but I'm positive 2014 will top it!
12.  Comikaze.  My first time sitting on a panel!.
13.  Wonder Con.  The beginning of meeting all my wonderful nerd friends IRL!
14.  Phoenix Comic Con.  Bumped into Sam Witwer in our hotel lobby, perfect way to start a con!
15.  Vid Con.  Never knew about this con, but it was fun and had great panels!
16.  D23.  A Disney person's dream come true.  Great swag!

17.  Psych.  You know that's right!
18.  Sherlock.  I am Sherlocked!
19.  Reign.  My favorite new show of the 2013 fall season!
20.  End of Futurama...again.  Though I am happy that it can live on through the comics!
21.  ASF.  "Our band."
22.  Doctor Who.  My 30th birthday was defiantly a Doctor Who extravaganza!  I got so much Doctor Who gifts, add in SDCC and the 50th and Christmas specials, PLUS my trip to Cardiff.  It was defiantly a Doctor Who year!
23.  Meeting celebs.  Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Stephen Moffat, Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss, Sam Witwer.  This fan-girl was satisfied this year!

24.  Began playing the guitar.  I had my first guitar for ten years before I actually began to use it.  Now that I have my little bro teaching me, I can get the basics and practice with You Tube videos, pretty successfully.  I am hoping to start actual lessons soon!  I even traded in that old blue guitar for a brand new model!
25.  Started en pointe in ballet.  As with photography, ballet has been in my life since the beginning because of my Nana.  I have always loved the beauty and grace of ballet dancers.  I stepped into their world almost three years ago, with a BIG push from a friend, who I am eternally grateful.  I always thought I was too old to do it, but with the right teacher my dream of practicing ballet was realized.

26.  Photo a Day Challenge.  I have been getting serious about photography again and love it.  This FMS Photo a Day Challenge really pushes me to be the best I can be. I love following awesome Instagram photographers, I find them inspiring.  I am quite obsessed with this community!

27.  Concerts - Bad Veins, Royal Teeth, American Authors, ASF {4x}.

28.  Purging/organizing/simplifying.  I have always been unattached to a lot of "things."  I moved a lot as a child and always purged before each move.  This past year, was no different, though I didn't move, I did simplify a lot.  I am getting away from collecting things and instead collecting experiences!

29.  I'm ok without kids - Throughout my life, I felt a huge pull to be a mom.  Ever since I began at the pre-school, that void has been filled.  I love being a teacher and have two special kiddos I've been taking care of since they were 1 {now 6}.  I love all my kiddos, but right now I love what I am doing and I am loving my freedom.  

30.  Being 30 - I always felt like it was going to be a scary thing.  I am lucky enough to have family and friends who made my birthday a big deal.  But day to day living has been as normal as ever, but I am happier than I have ever been.


Megan R said...

It sounds like you had a great year! It super exciting that you sat on a panel and were on a podcast.

Melody Simpson said...

What an incredible 30th year! To many more amazing nerdy experiences!!

That's awesome that you've gone to so many cons outside of SDCC! I've been thinking about starting a podcast too, that's so funny! I moved a lot as a kid too so I know about the routine of simplifying. Collecting experiences is so much better! :) Great list!


thank you so much, it was a great year! xo


Melody, Thank you! Great to hear that other's are into simplifying too. It can be hard, but so rewarding! xo

Unknown said...

What a year! I look forward to reading what 2014 will bring for you, especially with your press passes! :O)


Miranda, thank you so much!! xo

Anonymous said...

What an awesome year! I turn 31 this year too.

And yay for ballet! I trained as a dancer, but I gave up 3 years ago and kind of miss it.


WOW Claire that is awesome! You can always go back to ballet, I started late and so happy I did it! xo

Mariko said...

You're totally right about turning 30, it is about growing into who you are. Have a great birthday!


Mariko, I always wondered what all the hype was I understand! Thank you! xo

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