Friday, January 10, 2014

SDCC 2014 Price and Badge Changes

Major news out of San Diego Comic Con came this week with the surprise change in badge sale prices and types.  In the past there has been an option of a four day badge.  In 2014 that will be cut out entirely.  If you wish to attend Preview Night, you will HAVE to purchase a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday badge.  You cannot JUST purchase a Preview Night badge.

All four day badges with Preview Night will cost you $200 for an adult, $100 junior and $100 senior/Military.  ONLY single day badges will be sold this year, no 4-day badges.  Of course if you are one of the lucky few to purchase ALL four days individually that will be a 4-day badge in theory.

*You will be able to purchase for up to three people {yourself included}.  You will need the Member ID and last name off all the people you are purchasing badges for.  Make sure everyone in your party has signed up for one on the Comic Con website.

*If any of the days are sold out when you reach the head of the line, you will NOT be able to purchase a Preview Night ticket.

*Comic Con will email everyone with a Member ID {and who have opted into receiving emails} 48 hours prior to the badge sales.  Make sure you are opted into receive emails from Comic Con under your Member ID profile.

*IF you ATTENDED Comic Con in 2013, preregistration will open in early 2014.  If you did NOT a second registration will open following at a later date, yet to be determined.

*2013 attendees WILL need their 2013 badges for 2014 preregistration.

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends!


Ashley Macejka said...

I how this new system doesn't hurt our chances of going all week this year.

Anna said...

This was very helpful! I'm going to try my best to get tickets for the first time. I keep coming back to your post for info :)


Thank you Anna so glad to hear! Good luck & hope to see you there :) xo

Unknown said...

I guess I was one of the lucky ones! I got all four days, but opted out of the preview night... Was that a mistake? What is so cool about preview night? I have been going for years, but meh.


Erik congrats! In the past I have liked Preview Night but last year as just completely crazy! You could not move in there!

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