Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cable A La Carte

When I learned that we would be moving to LA for The Hunny's job, I knew it was time to cut cable.  Our rent has gone up dramatically and I just don't NEED all the channels a cable providor makes you have.  This blog has also become a larger priority in my life, and I have so many Netflix shows to catch up on, I have significantly downsized my DVR list.  There are now only a handful of shows that I NEED to watch and even those I still DVR and watch later.  That got me thinking as to which TV channels I NEED and what shows I could still cut out.  Here's what I came up with:

NBC until Community ends and if/when Dracula decides to be a good show.

PBS for Downton Abbey {2015} and Sherlock {2016} when they return.

Syfy for Being Human.

AMC for The Walking Dead {Halloween 2014}.

BBCA for Doctor Who {August 2014} and everything David Tennant.

USA for Psych until it ends in 2014.

So that really brings me down to only three channels.  If I went with the season pass iTunes route for Community, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Being Human, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who and Psych it would run around a little over $160.  Less than $15 a month.  

We all know the networks would never let us pick and choose which channels we want to include in our cable bill, but Apple is giving us nice options.  Add in Netflix {$7.99 per month}, Amazon Prime {$80} and Hulu Plus {$7.99} for alternative viewing.  Add those to the shows I need and it comes in at a easy $37 a month compared to $160 I was paying before.

Many of you have told me you have let your cable go for good!  What will the future hold for TV and movie viewing?  Only time will tell.  But the future is looking bright!

What shows do you NEED to keep?  Have any of you done away with cable?  


Melody Simpson said...

I watch A LOT of TV so if I did take the leap, I'd get Amazon Prime on top of already having Netflix & Hulu Plus and after awhile of using Prime, decide if I really need to keep Hulu Plus. If so, then I'd get an Apple TV. Whatever shows aren't on either site, I'd save for Netflix or buying the blu-ray later on. Good luck with your transition!

Unknown said...

We mainly use our Netflix as well, except for a few shows we currently watch on DVR (Sons of Anarchy, Survivor). This might be something we should look into as well....

Mariko said...

We haven't had cable for years now. Other than hockey, there just really wasn't anything that we needed to watch when it aired.

The company I used to work for works closely with the TV industry, so the whole phenomenon of "cord-cutting" was something that I've done a lot of research on and it definitely seems like the whole industry is on the verge of a MAJOR shakeup. Thing is, no one knows what the end result is gonna look like, so we can only wait and see.


Melody, I have Amazon Prime as well. Since at the moment I still have cable, I haven't been utilizing it that much only for the quick shipping and I find that pays for it's self!!


Nice to hear Amber! Thank you for the comment!! xo


WOW Mariko, it is so nice to hear that there are a lot of people out there doing this! My courage is growing! Thank you! xo

newavejunkie said...

If only cable a la carte existed! We'd all save a bundle!

Hulu Plus has all the NBC shows I like (including Community) so I could give that up. I can also catch Grimm, Revolution (rapidly losing interest in it anyway) and Dracula (still haven't seen it but it's on the DVR).

Absolute must keeps are:

-CBS for Elementary and The Big Bang Theory

-PBS for Sherlock

-BBCA for Doctor Who. I also like stumbling on reruns of Star Trek: TNG.

-AMC for The Walking Dead

-HBO for Game of Thrones (only needed in the spring...and maybe the summer to catch the last season of True Blood)

-ABC Family for Switched at Birth. Oh, um, I mean my wife would want ABC Family. Yeah...wife. Also, there are Harry Potter marathons like every other weekend. Sometimes that's easier than having to break out the DVDs.

I might have to give up watching sports cold turkey. There are too many variables there to satisfy.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a TV in about 3-4 years. Now I physically have a TV in my apartment thanks to my roommate, but it isn't hooked up to anything. Her step dad got us Chromecast, but I think it's been used once. I survive on Netflix and watching tv shows online.

*aka*Krystelle said...

I have a bare bones U Verse account for cable, then use Netflix and Amazon Prime to supplement. Because of all the great children's channels I get with U Verse, I am reluctant to get rid of it (my kids love those channels and nothing else lol). Before my brother left for the Army, he and my sister in law downsized considerably though (shes a nursing student, so it would be difficult for her to work and go to school while he was away). They used Hulu Plus/Roku and said it was great. They were current on all their favorite teevee shows and never felt like they were missing out. I hope this helps in your decision!

PS (and slightly off topic) How do you feel about Donald Glover leaving Community? I almost don't want to watch it now :(


Thank you John for your comment! Good to know about Hulu Plus, I haven't gotten into that yet. But it might be time. Dracula is slowly getting better...not a huge fan of the Jonathan's American accent, but I'll keep watching. A lot of shows are ending for me so it just feels like the right time.


I love hearing that it IS possible. I have dropped off on TV viewing considerably. So I think it is time for a change!


Krystelle, I am so sad to hear that Donald Glover is leaving Community!! Troy and Abed in the Morning was always my favorite and all their pop culture back and forth is perfection! We shall see how it goes! :(

Unknown said...

If you don't mind waiting till the next day, Project Free TV is a magical website. Everything is free. I'm almost done with Downton Abby Season 4.

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