Monday, October 7, 2013

The Fight for the Crown is ON!

Not since Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games has a book series got me to read a book in one day!  I am usually the slowest reader on Earth, but The Selection grabbed me and didn't let go!

I was browsing Barnes and Noble on my Friday off.  I wanted a book I could actually hold in my hands and buy in a book store.  It had been a long time since any of these things had happen thanks to my Kindle and Amazon.  A pretty cover ALWAYS draws me in and The Selection has one!  Throw in a catching tagline and I knew what I was walking out of the store with! {NO SPOILERS!}
In The Selection, the USA is no longer the country of the future.  WWIII and WWIV has changed what we know as our country into something larger and put a king in charge.  By law the princess must be married off to another prince.  A prince must go through The Selection.  Thirty-five girls, one, is chosen as his bride and the new princess.

The people of this future are broken in to eight castes.  The Ones are the royalty and rulers of the land.  The fives and below are looked down upon and fight for survival in varying degrees.  The eights being beggars on the streets.

Our heroine America {named after our former country} is a Five.  Fives are musicians and artists by trade.  She is a wonderful musician and singer, but her family struggles to keep food on the table for their family of five.  Though their times are trying, America finds happiness in a secret relationship of a Six boy, Aspen.

When a letter for entry into The Selection comes to America, her family and boyfriend push her to enter, even though she is against it.  The money is her family's motivation.  The chance at a better life is her boyfriend's, when he realizes he can never give her a better life.

Everyone is surprised and elated when America gets picked, except herself and Aspen.  America heads to the palace with a broken heart, not ready or willing to love Prince Maxom.  A chance first encounter of America and Maxom before The Selection even starts, begins a surprising friendship and trust she never imagined.

I could NOT put this book down!  I even rushed out that next day to get book two The Elite!  I could not say enough good things about it!
*5/5 stars*

I am so happy I didn't have to wait in between these two books!  Though The Elite let me down a tiny bit.

The love triangle between Prince Maxon, American and former boyfriend turned palace guard Aspen was the meat of this tale.  I read this book in two days instead of one.  The reason being is I got a bit turned off by the love triangle.  The Elite's story had America indecisive on where her affections lye.  Though I did not enjoy the back and forth of her emotions, they had me on pins and needles the entire time!

In the end, The Elite has set up the final book in the trilogy perfectly and I cannot wait to see the out come!

*4/5 stars*
I love that I read The Prince: A Selection Novella AFTER The Elite.  The relationship between the King and the Prince is palpable and know you know why.  The story follows Prince Maxom from his nineteenth birthday through the first day of The Selection.  I enjoyed this novella as much as The Selection.  Seeing Maxon's side of the story was a fun way to delve deeper into the world of The Selection trilogy.  You get an even better idea of who he really is.

*5/5 stars*

AND NOW the final cover to the trilogy has been released and is as beautiful as the others!
It reminds me of The Luxe series which I also highly recommend!  Now the wait is on to see if America decides on her Prince or first love.  Let the May 6th, 2014 countdown to The One (Selection) begin!
But even before that The Guard, another novella, is going to be released to tide us over!  I already pre-ordered my copy!  It will be released on ebook February 4, 2014.

When/if you read this awesome collection of books, let me know in the comments!


Amie B. said...

Holy goodness! Thank you for finding, reading, and reviewing these. I started following you because of our similar tastes in things and it's so nice to have a new set of books to start reading. Thanks for the post!!


Amie, thank you for the sweet comment! I hope you enjoy the books as much as I did! Let me know :) xo

Anna said...

These books sound great! I love getting hooked on a series. I am about to finish The Mortal Instruments, and now I look forward to starting The Selection after reading your review!


Sweet so glad to hear this! Let me know what you think! I got through them super fast so hope to hear from you soon!! xo Thank you for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I came across this book on my own and yes it was the cover that caught my eye. I couldn't put it down. Now that I have read the elite also, I'm so anxious to read the third book. Its certainly going to be a long couple months. But at least i'll have The Guard to look forward to


Exactly! Thank you so much for the comment. I'll be counting the days with you!

Unknown said...

The series sounds interesting.

I read Sienna and the Bushido School for Princes and Princesses [Kindle Edition]
S.Z. Love (Author). It's so fascinating !

It's similar to Harry Potter with a bit less magic and much more
warriors in it.

Yeah, a great Cover is always nice to look at

Rebecca Hambery said...

I love this series! Did you read the last two that came out recently?

Megan Elvrum said...

I have all of the novels. I do need the novellas though!! So great!!

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