Monday, October 28, 2013

How to be NERDY & GIRLIE!

When I began this blog, I was just FINALLY finding my nerdy footing.  Thanks to San Diego Comic Con and Twitter, I was able to connect with other awesome nerds and find nerd GIRLS that were out and proud!

Throughout my Geek Girls Gabs series, I have learned so much about other amazing nerdy girlies.  They have inspired me and have helped me develop great friendships!  It was one of my latest interviews that inspired this post, I just adored Nicole's answer to the question below.
TNG:  Girlie things you love?
Nicole:  This is a great question, I feel like geek girls are almost discouraged from being girly sometimes, and I say eff that: my life is the section of the Venn diagram where Girlie and Geeky overlap.

I couldn't have said it better myself Nicole!  Thank you!  Sometimes it is hard to fit into nerdy world.  I want to be nerdy AND girlie!  Here are some tips that I have found helpful.

1.  Like what you like no questions asked!  We all like different things, but we can all still like each other and support each other.  Sharing is caring! :)

2.  Surround yourself with fellow nerds!  Thanks to Twitter, Instagram, G+, Facebook and Pinterest and most recently Tumblr {still learning that one!} it is easier than EVER to find amazing nerds near and far who like what you like!  Check out my Twitter follow list for just some of the amazing nerds out there.  I find new ones everyday!
3.  Shop the right places!  Again the internet has so many awesome nerdy people making amazing nerdy things.  One of my favorites is Her Universe!  She is a nerdy girl herself who is helping all us other nerdy girls be fashionable and show our love for our favorite things.  Another favorite shop of mine is Etsy!  Type in ANYTHING you desire and chances are someone makes it!

4.  Find places to go where you can dress nerdy and girlie!  Movies, comic book shops, dinner and of course cons!  Google cons in your hometown, they are EVERYWHERE!
From our Friday Inspirations!
5.  Always be you! NERDS UNITE!

In what ways do you stay nerdy and girlie?!  Share with us below and let's keep the LOVE flowing!


Unknown said...

My favourite way to combine geek & girly stuff is with geeky inspired jewellery! My favourite piece is my Ned Stark cameo necklace.


Ari sounds CUTE! I love building up my nerdy and girlie wardrobe! xo

Unknown said...

Love this! I love that companies are coming out with cuter geeky shirts. WeLoveFine is one of my favorites!


Mia have you seen their TARDIS dress that just came out, that is on my Christmas list!! xo

Erin Radler said...

Thank god for the internet! It really is starting to get easier to be both nerdy AND girly. Pinterest was a god send for me. Have you been to black milk clothing, btw? My brain almost exploded when I saw their Chewie/Han leggings. It's a good time to be a nerdy lady.


Erin, I have but I always forget about Black Milk! They are a great shop thank you for reminding me! Nerd girls UNITE!! xo

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