Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Nerdtastic Weekend #2

HAPPY OCTOBER!  We are only a few days in and already it has been an amazing month.  It is always one of my favorites to begin with.  The weather cooling, pumpkin everything & cozy clothes!  My adventures this first weekend of the month have been great!  Here is a peak!
With Friday off, I headed down to my favorite mall, Fashion Valley.  I shopped till I dropped and had a bite to eat before heading to see Gravity.
The Hunny did not want to see it.  He thought it would be two hours of just floating in space.  So I went alone and really enjoyed it.  The movie was just beautiful to watch.  A LOT of suspense and a few laughs.  I could see an Oscar nomination in its future.
While waiting for the movie to begin, I saw that Psych star Dule Hill RTed my Psych article!  I was alone in the movie at the time, so I freaked out inside my head!
My shopping spree was at Bloomingdale's my FAVORITE store!  I had seen online that they a ton of UK stuff, but the website said it was not in the store.  I decided to check out the store anyways and lo and behold I was able to spend some money!  I HAD to get one of the make up cases for The Music Maven!  I knew she would appreciate it as much as I did!  I can't wait to wear the tee to the A Silent Film concert coming up next month!
Saturday morning I got to drink out of my brand new Tangled mug!  I saw it at the Disney store and HAD to get one.  I love mugs and coffee and Tangled!  
After my morning coffee myself and the family headed to Julian for their apple festival.  It is about a forty-five minute drive out from San Diego.  Usually it is super hot out there, but this year surprised us with a blustery day!  Our first stop had to be for a slice of pumpkin apple pie!
This pie alone would be worth the trip out there!  It sounds weird, but it is amazing!  Everyone loved it!
Julian has so many cute stores, with so many awesome things to buy!  My favorite has to be their used bookstore and they even had a book entitled Megan!  I had to take a picture of it!  I could have stayed in there ALL day, but The Hunny was getting a bit antsy!
Next door to the actual Apple Festival was an apple orchard where you could pick your own apples.  I had never gotten to do this before and it was great fun!  We easily filled our bags and stomachs with apples!
On our way out of town we had to stop at the famous Mom's for one more slice of apple pie.  Regular this time and their Cherry Cider.  This stuff is amazing!  We got a gallon to take home!  MMMM.
I am finishing the entire thing off with my pie and some Breaking Bad.  I am currently on Season 4!  I am hooked and loving it...what should I watch after?!  Decisions!! 

How was your NERD'S weekend!?!?  Stay tuned tomorrow for my experience at San Diego Comic Fest!


Unknown said...

Ahh - the Tangled Mug!! *going to buy one immediately!!!*


Kim thank your for the comment, make sure you take a pic of your mug when you get it & share! CHEERS!! xo

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