Monday, October 21, 2013

Colorado Springs Comic and Toy Con

This past weekend we hit up the last day of the Colorado Springs Comic & Toy Con.  This is a small con but everyone there had a lot of enthusiasm.  The Con took place at the Embassy Suites which had plenty of space for shopping, trading, cosplaying, and catching up with friends.  
There were over 60 vendors, artists, and exhibitors present and the price of admission was a donation to the local Humane Society.  I love it when the nerd/geek community gives back!  There was lots of shopping to be done with the usual con fare: comic books, action figures, and collectibles.  I noticed some really great artisans were present as well including two vendors that had some really great steampunk jewelry and accessories – a cosplayers dream!  I was really drawn to artist Brandon Miera’s work.  He had a table full of amazing concert posters from local venues.  He also had some posters paying homage to Star Trek and Futurama – nerd heaven.  We very happily made some purchases and enjoyed talking with Brandon about his work.  Check him out – he may have worked with one of your favorite bands.
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The Colorado Springs Comic & Toy Con also hosted the 501st Legion of the Mountain Garrison so there were lots of Storm Troopers to be seen.  There was also a video game tournament each day of the con – it was great to see the young gamers playing their favorite games.

And of course there was cosplay – we saw little ones in their finest Pokemon costumes, and adults were in on the cosplay action as well.  Our friend Brandon and his friends did some serious cosplaying on Saturday.  Colorado Springs knows how to cosplay.
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The folks that put together the Colorado Springs Comic & Toy Con deserve a big pat on the back – this is the perfect con for newbies – lots of fun without the intimidating crowds of bigger cons.  I wish them all the best and hope to see this Con grow in size and popularity.

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