Sunday, September 29, 2013

Interview with Kristin of Syfy's Fangasm!

The Nerdy Girlie:  How did you get involved with Fangasm?
Kristin:  I became involved with Fangasm very early on in the casting process. It took a full two years for this dream to become a reality, but the final product was well worth the wait! When I found out the show would be aired on Syfy, one of my favorite networks, instead of an earlier possibility, I felt like the stars were aligning.  We went through a few periods of extremely intermittent communication, to being cast, flown out, and moving in within a matter of weeks!  I love traveling and meeting new people who share my interests, and I've always been a really positive and welcoming person so when I had heard about the show, I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of it!

TNG:  What was your favorite experience while filming the show?
Kristin:  Oh this is hard! I had so many wonderful experiences during my time in LA.  I think the obvious favorite would be getting the chance to meet one of my childhood idols, and the co-creator of my favorite superhero (Spider-Man), the living legend Stan Lee.  I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend even a few minutes of one on one time with him!  But I also really loved a lot of the little, less notable things about living with my lovely roommates.  After living together and sharing in so many different experiences, we formed this intense bond between all of us, so I miss things like Sal's incessant teasing, Andrew's infectious laugh, everything in general about my best friend Molly, Dani's silly faces, Paul's extensive movie knowledge, and Mike's ability to turn everything into a party!  So overall, I'd say the best experience was being exposed to so many new people and making a group of lifelong friends.
TNG:  What has been your favorite experience after filming the show?
Kristin:  My favorite experience after filming the show has been my trip to San Diego Comic Con.  It was my first time attending the convention, and I had an absolute blast! I stayed with Molly, so it was like we were living together again for a week, and we partied our hearts out!  We also bought tons of exclusives from the convention, and I got to hang out with so many of my favorite comic creators.  It was like a dream vacation that I never wanted to end!
TNG:  What are some of your favorite things to nerd out about?
Kristin:  I nerd out A LOT about comics.  It's the most fascinating medium of storytelling in my eyes.  I love that there are these endless universes that've been created and there's constantly new content being added by a plethora of writers and artists.  It gives the reader a unique experience between story arcs, and it allows you to really build a strong connection to the characters.

TNG:  What are you girlie for?
Kristin:  I'm really girlie for fashion! For college I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and it's always been a dream of mine to start a clothing line for girls that incorporates elements from my favorite fandoms.  I love the influx of geeky fashion available these days, but I feel like the comics category is still lacking!

TNG:  Think you would try Project Runway next?
Kristin:  I used to love watching Project Runway in college, but I wouldn't be a good contestant!  I'm really good at the designing aspect of fashion, but I'm less skilled in the sample production area.  I want to create a line that's licensed and handle more of the product development side of the process!

*Thank you Kristin for taking the time to answer our questions!  If you haven't watched the first episode of Fangasm you must!  This is THE BEST portrayal of nerds on TV.  I am so happy to call myself a nerd after watching this show.  Kristin and her fellow nerdy girlies Molly and Dani are AMAZING examples for the nerd girl community!  I cannot wait to see you ALL at Comikaze in November!!


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