Thursday, September 19, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with Tom Hiddleston Army Romania part 1: Miriam

Romanian-born and proud of it, Medieval History and French teacher, Master in Diplomacy and Geopolitics,very big Medieval History enthusiast, aspiring PR and Marketing Expert, adoring the sea-side and traveling. Together with Ioana I run the the first Romanian fan pages and Fan-club dedicated to Tom HiddlestonRobert Downey Jr. and Marvel Cinematic Universe Romania.
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your first nerd memory?
Miriam:  My first nerd memory (I don’t know if it qualifies as such) would be getting totally hooked on Twin Peaks,as a youngster, although not understanding much of it at that time and then, later on, on the TV-series Millennium, I adored them and still love both shows.  I also became a fan of the X-Files and discovered British crime-series, such as Midsommer Murders.

TNG:  When did you begin blogging?
Miriam:  Started blogging and interacting with social medias from 2011, the year in which I moved to Germany, changed jobs and discovered a different life-style.  I became a true fan-girl of Tom Hiddleston and all things about him, which drove me to discover in depth Marvel Comics and get deeper into the Geek Universe.

TNG:  What are your favorite blogs to read?
Miriam:  My go-to movies and reviews blog is Ioana’s and that would be all for now at least.  I enjoy forming opinions of my own and not having them altered by others.

TNG:  What is your favorite thing to nerd out about?
Miriam:  I, as a true fan, love talking about Mr.Hiddleston and sometimes Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, but not in the adolescent way, just a tad more grown-up type of talks.  But generally I try my best not to get into big discussions involving an actor’s or public person’s private life, there are some boundaries which I would like not to cross.  The occasional yelling and screaming from the inside has happened to me when meeting live Tom Hiddleston.  That was one experience I will not forget and memories stay fresh in my head.  About those moments I can geek-out any given time, no matter if people heard the stories a million times before.

TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Miriam:  San Diego Comic Con is an event which is definitely on my wish-list for next year or in two years from now, and I would just like to see it a bit more open towards its European fans as well, who are willing to spend money and time to travel and enjoy the show.  Would be great if in their PR and Marketing team they would have a smaller team specialized in European fans, let’s say, to help them out when it comes to everything from booking plane tickets to reaching the venue and so on.  This would be of great help especially to people who have never travelled to the US before.

TNG:  What things are you girlie for?
Miriam:  I am typically female for this one:Bags,shoes,shopping,having my nails and hair done,those make me feel great always.But as a a bit of a sport and fitness fanatic,I love the feeling after having completed a hard work-out or a long run.That pain is for me a sign I pushed my limits and I can do more.Not very girlie for some,but totally Girl-power for me.

Thank you so much or Miriam for answering our questions!  I know there are many Tom fangirls out there who will be happy to read your encounter!  Make sure you stay tuned next week for part two with her blogging partner Ioana!


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