Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Dexter Halloween Party

With the FINAL episode EVER of Dexter THIS Sunday September 22nd and Halloween coming up, I thought perfect time for a party!!!  I have been a fan of Dexter since the beginning and have even read all the books!  So to send off one of my favorite fandoms I decided to have a Dexter theme dinner party!
I started off by wrapping the entire table and chairs with plastic wrap.  That was relatively easy and a more themed touch than just a table cloth.  The black garbage back is actually the drink dispenser!  I decided to dress it up a bit.  The ice bowl for the drinks has the ice truck killer's famous victims hand in it!  I painted the nails myself.  Thank you dollar store for the idea!

If you click on the collage below you can see our Dexter victims pictures hanging from the chandler!  It was a fun way to help guests get immersed in the theme!
For the menu I had a CHOP salad, pigs in a blanket {which I called "bad guys in plastic"} and blood slide cookies.  The cookies are from Trader Joe's and such a yummy fall tasting treat!  To drink we had a red sparkling pomegranate juice also from Trader Joe's.

In the end clean up was a breeze!  Dexter would be proud at how well I cleaned up leaving not a trace!  Maybe a bit of finger prints though!  OOPS!!

To further your party's theme you can also check out our Dexter and Debra Every Day Cosplays!

Who is excited for the series finale of DEXTER??


Unknown said...

nice i like it

Nerd Burger said...

Such a cute yet creepy party idea! Love it.


Thank you that is what I thought as well! Didn't want it to be too weird! :) xo


Thanks Josh!!

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