Friday, August 9, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie at D23 Expo 2013

For me D23 was a complete last minute decision.  Even up until the night before I wasn't sure if I was going to attend {Vidcon travel on Saturday was a bit crazy!}.  But then I are a journalist you HAVE to cover this event...get on it!  So I DID!  

I traveled up to Anaheim from San Diego and arrived to the convention center at about 9:30 a.m.  There was already a HUGE line so I jumped in, not knowing if it was the correct one or not.  So when it began moving at 10 a.m. I asked a cast member and they said, that I had to go up to will call.  So I headed that way.  Stood in that line for another 30 minutes.  Then some one mentioned that this was NOT the will call line and if you had tickets {I thought I did, because I had an email} so I then changed to the actual will call line.

Here's were it gets even more fun.  There ended up being no one in that line so I was taken right away.  Come to find out I do NOT have tickets and the email I received was ???  I was told to go back into the 2nd line I was standing in and I walked away with tears forming in my eyes.

BUT a VERY NICE man by the name of James {black polo, ginger beard at Will Call booth} told me to come back and he began walking me over to the box office.  While on the way over he paused and pulled out a D23 guest badge and gave it to me.  I was STUNNED!  I gave him the HUGEST hug and thanked him immensely!
Right away I saw some awesome cosplayers from Emperor's New Groove!  The Gamer Geek and I's FAV Disney movie!  We love quoting it together!
Then I ran into Twitter friend Ali!  We missed each other at SDCC so it was so great to chat with her while I waited in line to get my make up done by Sephora, they were showing off their Ariel inspired products.
There was so many CUTE Disney products! Minnie Mouse's booth had some of my favorite things!
The pretty castle from E3 that The Hunny got to see, but not me, so I was happy to see it in person myself!
Hallmark had out a preview of their ornaments from 2014!  LOVE these two!
Star Wars had a nice huge booth & I even saw a few Star Wars cosplayers.
Little Golden Books had a cute little booth.  I LOVED their books when I was little, so it was a nice little walk down memory lane for me.
I got to run into a 2nd Twitter friend Angi who was cosplaying as the Snow Queen from the new Disney movie Frozen coming out this November.  She even promised to give me sewing lessons, I'm gonna hold her to that! :)
Outside the convention center around lunch time there was hardly anyone around!  It was nice to be able to sit out in the SoCal sunshine and relax and eat my lunch.
Outside had this amazingly HUGE Doffenshmirtz Waffle-inator!  
I got some AWESOME swag.  Though small, this stuff is mighty!  TWO quality bags.  One for volunteering at the con by filling backpacks for kids {which I am in love that they did that!}.  A balloon lightsaber from Party City.  A new Ducktales poster.  I was able to play the game {there was only ONE station} for a few minutes with no wait {unlike Wonder Con}!  An Avengers decal.  An ADORABLE starfish barrette and lastly my MOST favorite is the Perry the Platypus bracelet.  Another VERY SWEET cast member Holli gave me hers!

Overall I had a great time at D23 and would defiantly go back and try to get into some panels.  Although I heard the lines for those were madness!

I have over 100 pictures from D23 over on our Facebook page!  Go check them out and if you are a cosplayer and I took your picture, please tag yourself!!


Dangrdafne said...

Where's Perry?

Chris said...

Sounds like a great day. So jealous, but happy for you. Thanks for sharing!!

Nerd Burger said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! I can't wait to see more pics on facebook.


Thank you guys so glad you enjoyed reading, I had such a fun time. Like I said tons of pix on FB and Perry was on my wrist! I LOVE that Perry bracelet!

Karla Do More said...

That sounds like such fun. I can't wait to go to one. I bet it's loads of fun to dress up. I get excited just thinking of it. One day soon... :)


thank you Karla for all your sweet comments so happy to help! Gonna go check out your site now!! :) xo

Usagi said...

That's awesome! I went as well and it was amazing but so much waiting to do and see things.

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