Monday, August 12, 2013

Sherlock Ep.0 vs. Ep.1

It was only recently that I discovered the un-aired pilot of Sherlock.  What a horrible fan girl I am!  After I got over my shame and self loathing, I quickly hopped onto Amazon Prime and purchased episode 0.  Though essentially the same story, episode 0 lacks what episode 1 did to grab my fan girl and hold her tight!

Different actors were cast in episode 1 for Detective Donovan and Anderson.  I thought that was a wise decision as, I felt the connection between the episode 0 actors and Sherlock were not loathing enough.  Donovan especially felt forced.

The acting for episode 0 really felt sub par.  Sherlock was still Sherlock, but not as arrogant or sure of himself as he is currently.  I thought that he slowed things down a LOT compared to episode 1 in regards to his explanations.  I am extremely glad that he improved on what was already there, because that is what makes him lovable/hate-able.

Episode 0 did not feel as bright and shiny as 1.  In many scenes it was hard to even see what the location was like.  I love seeing all of London through the show, so I am happy that episode 1 was brightened up and more spread out.  It was bazar seeing an episode shot in different locations for the same episode.
Though the two scripts were essentially the same, they weren't.  Much of the dialogue was kept the same, which was great, because it had better delivery in episode 1 and both put together is what really made me love the show in the first place.  With the additions in episode 1 the show became a complete winner.  Ep 0 had no Moriarty or Mycroft, which I thought were essential to building the series, keeping it fluid and connected.  

The meeting of Sherlock and John in the computer lab felt weird as Watson was a Doctor, not a office worker.

I did not like how episode 0 jumped to the conclusion right away.  They did't let us linger in wonder for enough time.  This kinda made me feel like I wasn't smart enough to figure it out.  The cabbie was given away too quickly and the entire Sherlock playing drunk was all sorts of wrong.  Episode 0 had less mystery more CSI?  I liked being in the dark until the VERY end.  Episode 0 was just too fast paced.

"Sherlock on the case, bad news for bad people."  Liked that line and thought they should have kept it in, even though it was a bit corny.

A favorite of mine has always been how they made text communications appear where the viewer could see it, not like EVERYONE does, by just showing the phone.  Glad they added that in for episode 1.
Wardrobe improved greatly in episode 1.  There was ONE outfit that Sherlock wore in episode 0 that was a plaid button down, jeans with a belt…very NOT Sherlock, in my opinion and could not compare to the infamous purple shirt!

Those were my likes and dislikes of the two episodes.  I am quite glad they went back and re-worked the series as I probably wouldn't have been as big of a fan as I am now.  It takes a lot of guts to admit when something isn't working and the Sherlock staff is producing the best stuff possible and I am completely grateful for it!

Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.  I would love to hear what others thought about the two episodes!  

Who's ready for Series 3?!  And are you not DYING over this teaser???!!


Darcy Starbuck said...

Great article! In my case, the Pilot was the first Sherlock episode I ever saw, and loved it. Then I saw ASIP and it was so much better!

I just want to add that, in my case, the thing that I liked better from the Pilot than ASIP was Angelo. I wish they hadn't changed the actor for him.

Speaking of changing actors... Anderson is the same one! The beard is the difference ;)

Jaclyn said...

Hi! I thought you might be interested to know about 0 that it was an unaired pilot. They knew it wouldn't be televised. Pilots are shot inexpensively, and used to shop the show around to networks hoping one will pick it up for a first season. Once a network commits to the show, they reshoot the pilot with full production value: finalized script, cast, costumes, lighting, sound effects, etc.


thank you Jaclyn I did not know that about the pilot! thank you for sharing...that does make me not like it less! LOL


Darcy I didn't even recognize Anderson!!! Too funny!! Thank you for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

The reason why Sherlock is so much more confident in SiP than the pilot, is that when they filmed the series, the order they went in was 3-2-1. In the second series, they shot the 2nd episode first. For the third series they're shooting in the order it will be aired.


That is nice to know! Love how he has made the role his own!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I like BETTER about the unaired pilot is the dinner scene. It just flows better and their Angelo is much more animated and interesting. Drunk!Sherlock is oddly adorable...but in the end I'm glad they cut that from the finished product as it has its place (in Series 3, apparently) but just didn't fit with the overall story.


Thank you Emily for you comment! I totally agree! xo

ethel5611 said...

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