Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nerd Girls LUV Psych

My first and final Psych SDCC panel.

I began my love of Psych during this past San Diego Comic Con.  I always find it special when you can love a cast FIRST and then their show.  I came straight from SDCC, began my Psych marathon and haven't looked back since!  I am only on season five as of late, so I asked THREE of my favorite Psych-Os to help me spread the Psych LUV!
Since Megan is new to the awesomness that is "Psych" she asked that I write a little something up! I honestly can't remember the first time I watched, but it was from the beginning. I was hooked not just because of the humor but because of the friendship between Shawn & Gus. My BFF and myself actually will refer to each other as the "Shawn to my Gus" or the "Gus to my Shawn." I've heard it both ways.  When "Psych" had their slumber party, we actually Skype'd each other (we live in different states) so we could watch it together.
Dule & James at Nerd HQ 2013 via Barb.
I'll be honest, the show hit a bit of a rough patch one season but any show that's on for this long has a season like that. It's been on the right track though lately bringing the humor to murder and crime only the way "Psych" can. Plus their a real crowd please at San Diego Comic-Con. Their panel always has a few surprises like Dule's tap dancing or a surprise performance with Curt Smith. They give time to Nerd HQ as well to help raise money for Operation Smile. 

If you're looking for a show that's a little different than most, then this one is for you! They do a great job of mixing humor with crime but they can bring their A game for dramatic episodes as well. If you want a few episodes to check out I recommend:

Season 1: "Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast"
Season 2: "American Duos"
Season 3: "Tuesday the 17th"
Season 4:  "High Noon-ish"
Season 5: "Yang 3 in 2D"
Season 6: "Heeeeere's Lassie"
Season 7: "No Country for Two Old Men"

I tuned in for the very first episode of Psych in July 2006. By the time the theme song came on, it clear it was a show with a strong identity - offbeat, uptempo, and smart. The end credits rolled, and I gave the verdict: "This is going to be canceled. I love it." But it wasn't canceled, and three seasons in I was at Psych's very first panel at Comic-con 2009. If there was any tiny way in which I wasn't already won over, the cast and writer/producers obliterated it with their graciousness, humor, and enthusiasm. Not every star is dedicated enough to their project and their fanbase to jump up and tap-dance (like Dule Hill).
Psych SDCC 2013 panel photo via Anne.
I love Psych because it's unafraid to risk being the show it is instead of the show the mainstream thinks it should be, to make obscure jokes and to "be the only black lead on a major cable network."  I love it for being a consistent bright spot in some dark years. But I also love it because from day 1 it has gone out of its way to involve the fandom in new and unique ways. 

They wrote fans into the show, had us play games for signed scripts, and drove us mad for years trying to "find the pineapple". I stayed up all night for the Psych Slumber Party just to rewatch episodes alongside fans and cast (via Twitter), with video love letters from the fandom and special skits from the cast in the ad breaks. I sat on the sidewalk all day at Comic-con 2013 to see the Psych Musical almost 6 months early, and was rewarded by being a few feet from the whole cast. I went straight from there to pull an all-nighter on different pavement for the final Comic-con panel, where they made me laugh too hard to be sad about saying goodbye. 

I've been in many fandoms for many different things, and nothing quite compares to the mutual love between the Psych cast and crew and its fandom. I have been, am, and always will be proud to call myself Psych-O. I will treasure the show and the friendships it cemented and created. And I will always smile at pineapples. You know that's right.

Psych is one my favorite shows on television. I mean, what's not to love about a fake psychic detective who solves crimes with his best friend while quoting 80's movies? :D The first episode I ever saw was an ode to John Hughes movies called "Murder? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?" Between the comedy highjinks, the dead bodies, and the hidden pineapples, Psych is easily one of the best written shows on t.v.

Lauren & friends at Psych the Musical SDCC screening via Lauren.
This year at Comic Con I was able to see a special sneak peak of Psych: The Musical. It was everything I could possible hope for and more! The writing, the comedic timing, and the improvisation of the actors and writing team is incomparable. 

Some of my favorite episodes include "American Duos" from Season 2, with a hilarious guest appearance from Tim Curry, "Disco Didn't Die, It was Murdered" from Season 3, "Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark" from Season 4, and every episode with Cary Ewles {Wesley from "A Princess Bride"} as British art thief Despereaux!

There's love, crooks, murder, mystery, comedy, action and a whole lot of tomfoolery! If you have never seen Psych NOW is the time to start watching! Seasons 1-6 are currently on Netflix and the musical airs December 15th, with Season 8 premiering in the Spring!

Here are some great moments from Psych:
Carlton Lassiter: Hey, we found prints.
Shawn Spencer: Was he in a little red corvette?
Burton 'Gus' Guster: Under the cherry moon?
Carlton Lassiter: FINGER prints!"

Thank you to fellow Psych-Os Barb, Anne and Lauren!!  I LUV how much we ALL love this show!  I am so sad I caught on so late, but am happy I was able to see them at their LAST Comic Con panel.  

What is YOUR favorite Psych episode or quote?!


Chris said...

My wife and I LOVE Psych. One of our favorite shows and something we try to get everyone else hooked on.
What's funnier than than all of Gus's crazy names, or any time the guys dance. Come on son!
Unfortunately we missed the Musical sneak preview but some of our new line friends gave us the cool iPhone button swag.


I am so in love with Psych. I finally finished and am totally missing it! Why can't I watch multiple shows at once?!

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