Friday, August 16, 2013

Female Geek Bloggers G+ Group

Blogging can get a bit lonely at times.  I began this site as a way to share my nerdiness and find other women out there who shared the same obsessions as myself.  I am so thankful that I have made so many amazing connections with you all!  It is hard to find good women friends and I feel through this blog, I have!

I have been loving G+ lately.  They have SO many different communities all centered on nerdy things I love!  I really like going there and seeing the enthusiasm we all have for things we love!

That got me thinking about a G+ group where ALL of us nerdy girlie bloggers can go to meet each other, chat and share our work.  So with the help of Geek My Life, I have set up a G+ community entitled: Female Geek Bloggers!

So if you are female...a geek....AND a blogger, come and join us!!


Chris said...

Go ladies!!!


Thanks Chris!!

Unknown said...

I love the group! What other G+ groups do you like? I haven't really used it much yet!


Thanks Mia I do love having a place we geek girls can inspire & support each other. I really like the San Diego Comic Con community as well! xo

Anastasia Catris said...

Hi there :) Just joined the Female Geek Bloggers collective - thanks for creating it! x


Anastasia thank you so much for joining! So HAPPY to have you!! xo

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