Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie Team's SDCC 2013 Schedule

THAT sums me up in only a few words!  SDCC is SOOO close we can feel the rush to line up!  Here are The Nerdy Girlie's team plans {thus far}.  

Preview Night:  
*Show Floor? - The Music Maven does not have Preview Night badge, so she might just meet us over at the:

*The Nerdy Girls are having a Nerdioke party Preview Night as well beginning at 9pm, really hope to stop by for a few just to say hi in the least...because Thursday is gonna be THE day!

*Sherlock - REALLY debating when to line up for this.  Would LOVE to get there EARLY but we also have the party that night and I don't want to be tired for it, that being said, I can't go to the SherlockeDCC party missing the very FIRST Sherlock panel!
*EW Brave New Warriors - One of us will stay for this because MATT SMITH!  I will probably have to run to help set up the party but one of us will defiantly be there!
*Dexter - The Hunny is DYING to see this {as am I} but he will have to fill me in on all the last Dexter panel sadness because I will be living it up at.....

SherlockeDCC Party!!!  See you there at the Brick + Mortar from 7-10pm!!

*Phineas & Ferb - they always have awesome swag and it is one of my favorite shows!
*Falling Skies?
*Making Roger Rabbit:  25th Anniversary - This is my only MUST see on's gonna be a chill day I think.
*Metallica - The Music Mavin is ALL over this one!

*Futurama - NOON in Ballroom 20.  This is a MUST see as it is my favorite show and its VERY last panel.  I have only missed one of the panels in my 5 years attending.
*Being Human - SO excited that this panel is not over lapping with Futurama this year so NO Sophie's Choice!  After Futurama we will run over to Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront for the 4pm panel. If we get in early a bonus panel before Being Human is The Nerdist panel at 3pm.  Fingers crossed!

*I also have to make it over to the Retro Outlaw booth for their Lea Thompson signing.  As soon as I saw this, I knew that I had to do my Marty McFly cosplay on Saturday!  Here's hoping there is a Delorean some where at SDCC too!

*Doctor Who Cosplay Meet Up - directly following the panel out back of the Sails Pavilion.
*Community - this might be the last panel?!
*Always Sunny in Philadelphia?
*Ducktales Remastered - HUGE Ducktales fan, but can't miss Doctor Who. Will try to send The Hunny to this one and report back!

This will be the very first year that I will be attempting cosplay at SDCC.  The Music Maven and The Gamer Geek are going to join me as well!  Here is the game plan for myself as to what I will be wearing each day...still waiting to hear back from the other two...will update when I know for sure :)

Cosplay for SDCC 2013:

The Nerdy Girlie:
Thursday - 221B
Friday - 11th Doctor
Saturday - Marty McFly
Sunday - 10th Doctor

The Gamer Geek:
Thursday - Sherlock
Friday -
Saturday - 10th Doctor
Sunday - 11th Doctor

The Music Maven:
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday - 9th Doctor

**One more thing...THANK YOU to everyone who watched our live G+ SDCC Hangout this morning!  It was such a fun thing to be a part of and I hope you all enjoyed it and found it informative!  

And of course if you have ANY SDCC questions please leave them in the comments with your Twitter name and I will get back to you ASAP!
See you in 10 days!!!!!


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