Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nerd Girls LUV Zachary Levi

This is one of my favorite stories to tell as to how I became a fan of someone.  It was my very first San Diego Comic Con in 2009 and I was going to be parked in Ballroom 20 for the entire day.  I was there for EVERY panel, but we didn't know anything about Chuck {which was the 1st panel of the day}.  As soon as Jeffster came out singing Fat Bottom Girls I was intrigued while the crowd went crazy!

But it was not until Zachary started talking to his fans that I fell hard.  He was so sweet, so kind and humble, how could you NOT like the guy!?  The Hunny and I went straight home to watch season one and two of Chuck before the première that fall.  

The more I learned about Zachary the more I loved him.  He is so giving with his time and resources and isn't afraid to speak his beliefs.
THIS was my favorite moment of SDCC 2012
This year will mark the 4th annual Nerd HQ held during SDCC weekend.  Zachary puts on this event for the nerds!  Even putting his own money on the table just for us to have an amazing time.  Now it is our turn to give back to Zach and help fund the BEST outside Comic Con event!  Head over to his Indiegogo campaign page to help out.  What is even better, all the proceeds raised during the Nerd HQ weekend goes to his charity of choice Operation Smile.  To donate to them head over to their website.  Every little bit helps!

Where to find Zachary:
*Remember Sunday
*Thor 2:  The Dark World
*First Date on Broadway!

How to connect with his fandom:
{One of our Geek Girls Gab interviews!}

This is why I am a Chuckster!


leleana said...

Watched him on Chuck when it first premiered and have been in love ever since! My first SDCC was the first Nerd HQ, and I was lucky enough to go to his Nerd HQ panel, where he suddenly announced we'd all get to not only get something signed by him, but take a picture with him. He wanted to give us an extra sign of appreciation for having done such an amazing job with his first Nerd HQ, and it was just about the sweetest thing ever! I brought the picture with me last year for him to sign, and he was so excited that I'd come back. He's just so nice and loving and enjoys everything and I'll never get over how wonderful he is for an actor/celebrity :)


Thank you for sharing Leleana, he is so wonderful and love everything he does and stands for. Such an sweet and amazing person! xo

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