Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nerd Girls LUV Matt Smith

YES go ahead and swoon over this picture, I'll give you a minute....!

I have to be honest in my Doctor Who discovery, it was hard for me to let go of David Tennant as the Doctor.  David is MY Doctor, but as a whole, series 5 and 6 of Doctor Who are my most favorites.  I love the playfulness and youth that Matt brings to the role.  But what has really made me a huge fan of his, is him as a person.  Seeing him with his fans and embracing everything Doctor Who is something you don't see often, especially with something as big as Who.
I have never seen bad press on him.  He is always so happy, smiling and excited to be wherever he is.  I especially loved the thank you video he did to fans of Doctor Who {see video below}, his Nerd HQ Conversations for a Cause this year was so fun to watch and all the kind things he did during The Nerdist SDCC podcast!  He is such a genuine human being who, you can tell, enjoys every minute of what he is doing!  I love the a personal stories fans have, like Crazy 4 Comic Con in the picture above!
Then finally at SDCC 2014 The Gamer Geek and I were able to have our very own Matt Smith experience!  The entire ordeal was chaotic to say the least, but Matt himself made us forget all of that the moment we stepped into his presence.  Even after being rushed through hundreds of people in only a couple hours, Matt greeted us with a warm and friendly hello and a a big smile!  
Where to find Matt:
*Doctor Who
*How to Catch a Monster
*The Sarah Jane Adventures

How to connect to his fandom:

This is why I'm Smith-ed!


@mel641 said...

I'm not into Dr. Who (i tried) but after listening to the podcasts on Nerd Machine and Nerdist, i'm a new fan. I would probably geek out if i met him, not for being the Dr. but for just being an awesome human being!

Anonymous said...

I damn near gave him a standing ovation at the live podcast when he and the rest of the Nerdist crew pulled out their wallets and started giving cash to the Australian girl who'd gotten all her stuff stolen.

Seams2Be said...

Love Matt Smith and your blog. Thank you for sharing. Found you through Her Universe fangirl of the day.


Thank you for finding me!! Love your River Song cosplay you could be her twin!! xo


Exactly, can't we all embrace each other like he does?!

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