Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nerd Crafts: Fez Fascinator

I needed one more lil touch to my SDCC 11th Doctor cosplay, enter the fez fascinator!
*one piece of felt
*glue gun
*needle and thread
Step 1:  Print out my template on 8x11.5 card-stock.
Step 2:  Cut out template and trace onto felt.
Step 3:  Once cut out, sew the two sides together where you like them.  I used my mirror to figure out how big I wanted my fez, then cut and trimmed to the desired shape.  Feel free to glue this part if you are not a sewer.  I am NOT a sewer but I tried!
Step 4:  Take your circle template on card-stock and glue to bottom of felt circle.  Then glue the top of the fez to the bottom.  If you are a skilled sewer feel free to sew the two pieces together.  I am not, thus the glue gun.
Step 5:  Make a tassel.  It is SUPER easy, check out Pinterest for a DIY.  Once completed, thread top through needle and through the top of the fez.
Step 6:  Tie a knot to make tassel fall at desired length.  I also glued a bit on the inside for added support.
Step 7:  Glue on completed fez to your headband and enjoy!
I made two fez fascinators for $5!!  The headbands were from the .99 cents store.  Felt from Michael's was less than .50 cents a piece.  The thread is only .30 cents at Walmart, .36 cents at Michael's.  I did have to purchase larger holed needles but they were only $1.50 at Walmart.  This nerd craft did take a bit of time with all the trimming and what not.  But I learned a lot for the second one and then it few by.  Good luck and don't forget to send pictures of your completed nerd crafts to me!


Lace and Books said...

You could also do the whole thing with a blanket stitch and avoid the glue gun. Very cool!

Nerd Burger said...

Love it. Such a simple idea and it looks great!


I talked to a fellow nerd at SDCC and she used a paper cup! Deff need to try that next time!!

Anonymous said...

Creeped this post to get an idea for a Doctor Who / Renaissance mash up outfit! I am going to the Renn Faire this weekend and the theme is TIME TRAVELERS


OoooOOOO thanks make sure you share!!! xo

Anonymous said...

I made my fez out of a Styrofoam cone, cut to the right shape, and felt


I like that idea, sounds more sturdy! Thank you for the advice! xo

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