Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie's SDCC 2013 Wish-list

Every year I have so MANY things to look forward to at SDCC here are my top 10 this year!

1.  Doctor Who - This will be my first official year as a Whovian.  I cannot wait to be surrounded by all the fans and cosplay with The Gamer Geek and The Music Maven.

2. Sherlock - Both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are BOTH in The Hobbit, which will defiantly be having a panel in H Hall, so can we hope for a Sherlock panel?  Or at LEAST for Ben to show up to The Hobbit panel?!  I am also super EXCITED to be involved in helping to plan the SherlockeDCC Party with The Baker Street Babes, Sherlock DC, Cara McGee and Being Geek Chic!  Stay tuned to hear ALL the details SOON!!

3.  Being Human - We missed out on Being Human last year in favor of Futurama {which was probably good since that was most likely the last panel}.  But cannot wait to return to their panel this year!  The stars Sam, Meghan and Sam are so funny, humble and sweet.  It made my SDCC 2011 to meet them & Phoenix Comic Con to see Sam Witwer again!

4.  Thor/Zachary Levi - When the trailer for Thor came out, I was sad I didn't get to see any of Zach in it and I know we all are hoping for a panel.  If not, there is always NERD HQ.  I predict another photo in my future. :)  I love how giving Zachary is with his time and energy!

5. Nerd HQ party - Every SDCC gets bigger and better for me.  So this year will be the first time I will attempt to do some parties!  You can't go wrong with the biggest nerds of them all :)

6. Community - They are back for their 5th season!  I was not sure this was going to happen and it DID!  I'm quite sure they will have something amazing cooked up for the fans, so we will probably be camping out for this one!

7.  Futurama - This probably won't happen but wishful thinking :)

8. Meeting Twitter friends!!! - I love you guys so much and cannot wait to meet you all in person.  I do this blog for you and I am so amazed by the positive responses I have gotten.  I have made some AWESOME Twitter friends and can't wait to say HI in person {PHOTO OPS!!! Be prepared!}.

9. Dexter - THIS is the FINAL year for Dexter.  Hoping for ONE more Dexter bag and one last chance to glimpse Michael C. Hall!

10. Dracula TV show - I JUST saw the trailer for this show and it looks amazing.  I am a HUGE vampire fan so hopefully preview night will show the pilot!


*Family time - This is the time of year that we can all get together and have fun.  It is so awesome to have a family that is up for anything!
ordered & now waiting!
*Cosplay - This will be my very 1st year cosplaying at SDCC.  I cannot wait.  I am super excited and this year The Gamer Geek and Music Maven are going to participate as well!

*Blogging in line - Last year this really helped me get my daily posts up for you all.  I LOVE sharing them and can't go to bed before their up!  So here's hoping I can get a bit more sleep this year!

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Unknown said...

I'm pretty much in love with your wish list! Since it's my first year, I'm just excited for EVERYTHING! I can't wait to get there and, even though I know I"ll miss out on a lot, I know it's going to be great fun! Plus potentially meeting you is a super awesome bonus! :D

Chris said...

#8 all the way. Can't wait to meet up with some of our online community at SDCC!
#5 (NerdHQ) runs a close second. Steve and I spent a lot fo time there last year and it wasn't enough. If we aren't at the convention center, this is where we will be.

Jennifer Lynn said...

It'd be fantastic if Ben (Cumberbatch) were to show up at the con, either at The Hobbit panel you mentioned or a Sherlock panel (c'mon BBC, throw this into the Con mix). What I know currently via the link below is that he'll be in Japan on July 16th. He may be jetlagged for a stopover in San Diego, but hey, it could happen given the proximity.

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