Saturday, June 22, 2013

Favorite SDCC Exclusives of 2013

The Comic Con website just released their list of exclusives for this year's event.  I went through EVERY company and EVERY item.  Here are my favorites that I will defiantly be getting.  I would HIGHLY suggest picking up all the exclusives you want on Preview Night or first thing Thursday!

*Titan Entertainment:  Booth 5537

Titan 10th Doctor - 10th Doctor Tuxedo Varient 

Available only at Comic Con: a world exclusive 10th Doctor TITAN: the 10th Doctor in his tuxedo from the 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned."

Price: $10.00

*Bongo Comics:  Booth 2519

2014 Leela/Amy Lobrau Pin Up Calendar

Exclusive to Comic Con

Price:  $10.00

Bongo Comics offers an exclusive, Futurama Comics, 104-page, survey of stories (never before collected in trade paperback form) in celebration of the final season of "Futurama."

Price:  $20.00
*Penguin Group (USA):  Booth 1028

Don't miss this limited Mad Libs edition, created solely for San Diego Comic-Con. Will feature two Comic-Con-inspired stories, in addition to Adventure Time, Skylanders, Star Wars, Poptropica, and Star Wars LEGO Stories!

Price:  FREE
*Squid Kids Ink:  Booth 5150

3.5" Gold Mini 10-Doh! figure made of ABS and PVC. Super shiny and super limited.

Price:  $20.00
*Petco:  Booth 2913

Yoda Dog and Cat Ears

The Force is strong with you and your pet. Stop by Petco’s booth for a sneak peek at their exclusive Star Wars Pets Fans Collection debuting in-store September 1st – including Chewbacca dog hoodies, Millennium Falcon cat teaser toys and more. Plus, get free Yoda ears for pets, while supplies last.

Price:  FREE

None of my choices...are big things {Hasbro/Mattel}, though I will still be getting them ALL on Preview Night.  Especially the FREE ones!  Good luck to you all!


Alex Quevedo said...

I'm hoping to snag one of the dolphin puppets from Archer. LOVE that show.

Anonymous said...

Want the Doctor Who Figure and the Yoda Ears, but I'm not there :(

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