Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Top 5 Places to See Celebrities at San Diego Comic Con

It wasn't until my 3rd year at Comic Con that I started seeing celebrities up close at San Diego Comic Con.  Those first two years I was too busy being caught up in the newness of it all.  But at the end of Saturday SDCC 2011 that all changed!

The Music Maven and I were hanging out in front of the Hard Rock Hotel waiting for the rest of our party.  We had been there for a while and had seen a fair few of celebs coming and going.  But it wasn't until the cast of my favorite show Being Human walked by that I freaked!  They came back not to long after and I was able to get a picture with them, this made my con!  Now the Hard Rock Hotel is my GO TO PLACE for seeing celebs!
1. Lines - In 2012 we did our first overnight camp out in the Ballroom 20 line for the Firefly 10th anniversary panel.  We arrived at 2am and settled in for a long night. Around 3am Joss Whedon showed up and walked the entire line! Taking pictures signing autographs, it was amazing.  In the past few years MANY celebs have been doing this as well, so GRAB a sleeping bag and bide your time!
2. The Gaslamp -  There are TONS of FREE events going on in the Gaslamp during SDCC. My favorite story to tell is how we found a random Robert Kirkman signing a couple hours before it happened with only about TEN people in line.  Stroll around the Gaslamp because you never know what your going to find!  Also follow @OutsideComicCon for all your outside the con needs!
3. Hotel Lobbies - The big studios that send the stars down for SDCC want them there for the day and night.  So that means after partying all night they need a hotel room to go back to.  Most of stars stay down in the many hotels throughout the Gaslamp, especially the ones closest to the convention center.  If you are lucky to be staying in one of these, you might get an elevator ride with one!  For everyone else, a stroll through the lobby or taking a break in a lobby seat is a good idea.  Just be discreet and don't bother them if they are busy.  We want them to have a good experience and WANT to come back!
4. Nerd HQ {RIP NERD HQ} - Nerd HQ at Petco Park always plays host to the celebrities of Comic Con.  They have a closed door party every year and a fan party on Thursday night and celebs attend both.  Hang around Nerd HQ in your spare time, or a day you don't have a badge and you are guaranteed to see someone special!  I have them on my Twitter alerts for when a surprise Smiles for Smiles photo booth happens!
5.  On the Convention Center Floor - EVERYWHERE you turn there is a celeb on the floor or at a booth.  I remember one year I was at the CBS booth and saw Emma Rossum and turned around and at the next booth saw James Frain.  In 2012 on Sunday morning, I walked right past Andy Serkis & Peter Mayhew having a conversation only to almost walk right into Sam Witwer.  I have stories like this for days!  What I DID NOT do my first two years was keep my eyes up and open.  It is easy to get lost in the sea of nerds.  All you have to do is keep a look out!

Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends! 


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All of those are so true

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Hi! What if I want to see one particular man and cannot get to autograph area? How can I know the places where he will go?

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