Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Nerdy Girlie at Phoenix Comic Con or When Sam Witwer & I Stayed in the Same Hotel

This was my very 1st out of state con!  So we HAD to stay in a hotel, which was pure bliss!  I was able to get us a room at the Sheraton about a block out from the convention center.  The hotel was gorgeous and the beds were sooo comfy.  I went to bed with dreams of all the celebs that were possibly sleeping this very hotel with me!
Dreams do come true!  In the morning after we checked out, in our lobby I spotted John Barrowman!  I immediately went into fan girl can't be helped...I should probably start carrying Zanax with me during cons.  I pointed him out to the Hunny and he in turn pointed out Sam Witwer behind me {head explodes}.  We walked over to Sam and I waved, he waved back and a I asked for a picture.  He kindly obliged and I told him that I had passes for his photo op later {so I sounded greedy getting two!}.  WOW really?!  I can never say anything good when I meet my favorite stars!  What I should have said that Being Human is the Hunny and I's most favorite show to watch together and ask him about season 3.
RIGHT after that, John Barrowman came up to Sam and introduced himself!  SWOOOOOON!  My con was made before it even started!
Getting our passes was quick and easy and we went right to the floor.  It wasn't crowded at all this early in the day which was awesome for taking pictures!
This lil baby 10th Doctor was THE cutest!  His mama MADE his entire outfit!!!

Saturday was the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi so there were TONS of Star Wars awesomeness going around.  Who shot first me or Greedo?!
Just getting a drink with my pals.
me & Darth!

All the photo ops and autograph signings you had to pay for, but I was able to get some great shots from a far.  Here is Michael Rooker {Meryl from The Walking Dead}.
I attended one panel during the day and it was moderated by my good friend Tony from the Crazy 4 Comic Con blog!  The panel was Doctor Who 50th Anniversary a look back.  As a new fan to Doctor Who it was so fun to have a history lesson and see where all the awesomeness came from!  Tony was great and kept the panel light and fun!  We were also able to have lunch with him afterwards.  It is great getting to know someone better who you've talked with so much online.  Twitter is such a great place to connect with fellow nerds!
After lunch the con REALLY exploded!
So we took a break outside to check out all the amazing vehicles!  Here I am with a TARDIS motorcycle!!  
and then a Delorean!!! This was my VERY 1st time sitting in one!  I really hope they have one at SDCC for when I cosplay at Marty McFly again.  It was WAYYYYY to hot to do that in Phoenix.
I was also able to meet one of our Geek Girl Gab interviewees Tiffany {}!!  She is the sweetest and I had such a great time talking with her.  Cannot wait to catch up again at SDCC!!
I got the smolder!
The day was capped off with my photo op with Sam Witwer.  It was so quick and he didn't remember me from the morning {GOOD! lol}.  They developed the picture for us super quick, which was nice, because we were soooo ready to leave by then as it was almost 6pm and we still had to drive back to San Diego!
On the drive home I spotted a Dunkin Donuts so we HAD to stop and with that my amazing Phoenix Comic Con experience was complete!

Check out ALL my Phoenix Comic Con pictures on my Facebook page and my review of the con on The Knights Blog.

Next stop San Diego Comic Con!


Unknown said...

Oh that sounded like so much fun! How long does it take to drive from Phoenix to S D? Was it 101degrees there? I love your outfit. I am a fahionista and I had to say that!

Matt Evans said...

This looks amazing!! Being U.K. based, we never get any cons that look half as good as this :/ jealous! The Greedo booth in particular made me laugh, glad you enjoyed it.

Chris said...

Looks like you had a blast!
Thanks for sharing the photos. It's always to fun to see the pics from other events, especially the cosplay. 10th Doctor (the little kid) was EPIC!!
And what's up with Michael Rooker's hair?? Hope that is for a part. Was he in the new Mad Max?


took about five hours from SD. Not bad! It was HOT there, but not bad inside the convention center.

Unknown said...

I am just now getting a chance to read this! I was at this convention too, although I didn't take advantage of a celeb photo op. Depending on who is there this year though, I really want to do it this year. My first con was also San Diego, however, we haven't lived there in YEARS so I haven't been to that one since I was in high school... I would love to hit it up again though at some point.. Maybe next year!

I'm glad you still had a good time (and omg, you are definitely right about the heat and the convention center layout). When it comes to food this year, look up Lucky Strike, Thai'd Up, Breakfast Club and Arrogant Butcher. All of those are walking distance and taste awesome and of course, more affordable than what the convention center has!

Anyways though, GREAT REVIEW! :) Hooray for comic conventions!


Erin, thank you so very much for you kind words! I will deff bookmark those restaurants, since this year will have a bit more planning than last! Hope to see you there! xo

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