Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Swag Tips for San Diego Comic Con

One of the most exciting things about San Diego Comic Con {well almost EVERYTHING is exciting} is the SWAG (STUFF WE ALL GET)! Who doesn't love free stuff?! Here I will share my tips, tricks and experiences on SDCC swag!

Over the past few years of attending SDCC I have gotten picky about the swag I do collect, on the other hand, my Father is the "Swag KING." He will take anything and everything FREE! I know there are both sides of the spectrum out there, I hope that I can help out all of you :)

Picky Pickers

*Just take the things you like! Otherwise you get home at end of the night with a LOT of stuff you will probably just toss.

*Expanding on the above I usually don't take anything paper related. Unless is something I specially like. If you do take something you don't want, and it's recyclable please recycle it and don't just toss it on the ground.
Swag Kings

*Not enough swag on the show floor for you?! Check out the Gaslamp there are people everywhere wanting to give you things. Plus all the interactive areas {in the past there have been Frankenweenie, Dracula, Game of Thrones and Grimm}.

*Don't forget to go into the near by hotels: The Marriott has a Nintendo ballroom filled with games to play and swag to collect. Go early and get the sizes you want, they always have a cool t-shirt to give away. The Hard Rock holds the Microsoft gaming area, play some games, take a load off and get free food and drinks. Nerd HQ even gave out free posters for playing their games.

*Yes FREE food! Lou & Mickey's {right near the Gaslamp sign} have had in the past, free appetizers desserts and drinks. As well as a place to plug in your electronic devices. There is usually a line so make sure you have time to kill.

*Do some good and give blood at the blood drive and get something special there too. Sweets and swag!

*The bigger booths will most likely have schedules of when they are giving away certain swag {like the CBS booth and their famous Dexter bags}. Take a picture of the schedule so you can refer back to it and not miss a thing!

*Actively walk around the floor watching and look for long lines....where there's a long line, there's swag!

*At a lot of panels, tickets for swag are given out. Keep a look out on the ground for these dropped gems.You never know what your gonna get!

*If you see someone with a particular awesome piece of swag, ask them where they got it. I did that with my Hunger Games Mocking Jay pin and a Phineas and Ferb mask. I was glad I asked!

*As to not get overwhelmed by swag when you are packing up and heading home at the end of the con, I like to go through my swag EACH night. Save the good, toss/recycle the bad.

*And sometimes you just get lucky. Don't forget to spread the wealth by tweeting to all your followers!
Comment below if you have any additional questions about San Diego Comic Con. You can also check out our San Diego Comic Con Guide for more useful tips and tricks!  If this post helped you, share please share it with your friends!


Matches Malone said...

A tip in general is get there early for the major company's SWAG giveaways. How many remember the mad rush for the Wayne Casino chips? said...

Much obliged for sharing tips, traps and encounters on SDCC swag. Bear in mind to go into the adjacent inns: The Marriott has a Nintendo dance hall loaded with diversions to play and swag to gather. The greater stalls will doubtlessly have calendars of when they are giving without end certain swag. Effectively stroll around the floor watching and search for long lines.

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