Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with Vaughan

Greetings! I’m Vaughan.  Star Wars became an obsession of mine in 3rd grade and has been cemented into my being ever since. I was in middle school when I first went to SDCC, dressed as Barris Offee from Star Wars. It would be after I graduated high school that SDCC would become my annual pilgrimage.  This will be my 6th consecutive year as a SDCC volunteer. I live in geeky zip-up hoodies. And I cosplay. Loads. 
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your 1st nerd memory?
Vaughan:  One of my first TV memories is watching Star Trek and X-files sat at Mum and Dad’s feet. I was raised on video games.  I’m an only child, and my father and I would play Mario for hours. I remember going to the doctor’s office for blood work when I was around 6, and seeing a needle the size of my arm! I clearly recall being bribed with the promise of a new video game, as long as I let the torture continue. I think we got the new Donkey Kong for that horrible visit! 

TNG:  How and why did you start blogging?
Vaughan:  -Looks left to right-  Blog? What blog?!?
I can't be asked to update stuff weekly, so I've always been a forum girl. I love meeting other geeks- and the best playground for us has always been the Internet.  I'm all about keeping the Con spirit alive throughout the gloomy year, and the easiest way I’ve found to date, is through social media!  I travel a lot too, so the interwebs have been essential continuing friendships. 

TNG:  YOUR favorite blog read?
Vaughan:  There’s a handful of blogs I visit on a regular basis.  
TNG:  What is your Favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Vaughan:  I need Doctor Who in my life. I did my law degree in England and thoroughly fell in love with the Doctor while abroad. And I've already stated Star Wars is in my blood. But I also read a lot. Anything with magic, fairies, vampires, werewolves, and/or a good inner mythology get my attention rather quickly.  I love arguing about mythical creatures, both ancient and recent creations. Oh and I geek out about law. The legal web that controls us is amazing. I love applying our legal system to other realms. 

TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Vaughan:  Really REALLY read the autograph area of the programing guide. There is bound to be an author you like doing a signing, and it’s rare that the lines are too long.  I can’t count how many times I’ve been flaunting a signed book, and a newly made friend finds they missed out. It’s such a bummer. Also, at least 50% of the time, the author gives away a free book (usually they sign that one unless you’re OCD like me and haul around your favourite book to be signed instead). Nothing’s better than free books. 

And wear layers. San Diego weather is like that song…Hot then Cold.  
TNG:  Girlie things you love? 
Vaughan:  Oh, that’s rather easy: painted nails! I have a small obsession with bright colours, and the perfect platform is my nails! (I also used to bite them, so the fact that they can be painted to look nice is shocking to me). 

Vaughan thank you so much for answering my questions, these were some of my favorite answers so far!  You can follow Vaughan on Twitter: @whimisicalic and don't forget to keep an eye out for her at SDCC!!


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