Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Geek Girls Gab with Jessica Edmonds

My name is Jessica Edmonds. I'm a shy kid turned weird kid turned theater kid turned LA based actress....kid.
The Nerdy Girlie:  What is your 1st nerd memory?
Jessica:  I grew up in a pretty nerdy home. But I think the earliest one that stands out in my mind is my mom making our costumes for Halloween. My Brother was a Borg, my sister was a Klingon and I was the White Ranger from Power Rangers (The boy Power Rangers were way cooler)
TNG:  How and why did you start blogging? 
Jessica:  Probably starting back in the day with Myspace. I'm pretty public with my life, and I want to share things I enjoy with my friends and family. Social media was a natural progression. All of my social media outlets are pretty much a diary of my day to day life.

TNG:  YOUR favorite blog read? 
Jessica:  I'm horrible at keeping up with any specific blog. I fill my Instagram and Tumblr with bloggers that follow the same shows and celebrities I like so I'm never out of the loop.

TNG:  What is your favorite thing/things to nerd out about?
Jessica:  It changes every few years. The constants are anything from Joss Whedon, Bryan Fuller and Tim Minear, as well as Star Trek. But right now I am on a huge Once Upon A Time and Lost Girl kick. Fairy tales and folklore all the way!
TNG:  Any tips for San Diego Comic Con?
Jessica:  Pick one thing to see a day. It's hard with all the awesome panels and signings they have each day but realistically you will only get to do maybe a quarter of the things you wanted. Instead, pick one thing each day and arrive super early. That way you won't be disappointed. Also, WATER. You'll be walking about ten miles each day so drink lots of water!

TNG:  Girlie things you love?
Jessica:  I was such tomboy for so long. But oddly enough once I shaved my head I became more comfortable in my own skin and more girlie. I love high heels (even though I often fall off them) but not normal heels. They have to have character, like funky sneaker heels and the like. 

Thank you to Jessica a lifelong nerd!  Anyone else swooning over her Nathan Fillion picture?!  Also HUGE thank you to her mom Suzi who brought us together and provided all the pictures!  She is Jessica's biggest fan!  Follow Jessica on Twitter: @JessiEdmonds and see her in Glee and The Guild!


saxon1014 said...

Yay! I guess I have been a fan of her's for years & years now!! Heh. It took me all day to pic out pix to send too. I started walking down my Browncoat memory lane & just didn't want to leave. Gotta thank our friend Rosie for taking Jessi to Universal Studios that day, and of course Nathan for coming to check out "the fans in the bushes"!

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