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At my very 1st Wonder Con this year  2013.
HAD to pick up my Futurama comics!

The beginning of the end for the series will start on June 19th at 10pm on Comedy Central.  This will end the series with 140 episodes, 13 of which will make its final stand this summer.

2009 SDCC 1st Futurama fan-girling experience.

I am one of the BIGGEST Futurama fans {see my NERDY 4 Futurama & DIY Futurama Birthday Card posts}.  You could say that it {next to SDCC} is my favorite thing to nerd out about.  My love began in 2001 with the already cancelled shows re-runs on Adult Swim.  
I quickly purchased the DVDs and they became my lullaby to sleep every night!  When I heard about the four movies they were releasing I was ECSTATIC.  

2010 Futurama picture at SDCC.
It's now a tradition.

THEN my very first year at SDCC in 2009, we got word that the show was coming back!  I HAD to be at their panel that year!  Not much happend, but it was nice to know it was coming back.  Ever since then the Futurama panel at SDCC has been my most favorite.  I love seeing the cast do live read throughs.  They always do fun giveaways and show clips of future episodes.  My most FAVORITE would be the Comic Con episode they showed AT COMIC CON! aahhhhhhh :)   

2011 Futurama on preview night.  Always my 1st stop!

When news came that Futurama was cancelled AGAIN.  I can't say that I was totally surprised.  I have loved almost all the episodes that the show has put out, but again there were also some ones that I didn't love.  BUT one of my very top favorite episodes EVER of the show came out of these new ones and that is:  The Late Phillip J. Fry.

2012 SDCC & Futurama...will I see them in 2013?!

So hopefully Futurama can find a new home somewhere else {Cartoon Network? Nickelodeon?}.  If not maybe back to some more movies, I would take that!  I do hope that we can at least still hold on to the comics.  They are like "watching" an episode and I have really enjoyed those!  If you haven't checked those out yet, do, they are awesome!

My 28th birthday cake.

*Help SAVE Futurama by signing THIS petition...I already did!*

Made that 7 leave clover to go into my The Breakfast Club
vinyl...nerd & proud!


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