Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Doctor Who themed wedding by Cadice Benjamin Photography

A Doctor Who themed wedding 

As a photographer and a Doctor Who fan, my heart leaped with joy when I saw this wedding photography featured on Pinterest.  Candice is a Fullerton, CA wedding photographer and a fellow Nerdy Girlie!  She and her client Kiera are both huge Doctor Who fans.  Candice told me, "The shoot came about with just the idea of mixing nerdy awesomeness with pretty things. Kiera and I are huge fans, and it gave us an excuse to show it off."

I am so excited to now show it off to you all!!  Maybe the Hunny will let me have a wedding re-do :)

The 4th Doctor marries them with River Song's notebook as the 11th Doctor meets his bride.

You have to be in good shape to RUN with the Doctor.

The stars aligned for the happy couple.  

Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' in  cake form, one of my top favorite Doctor Who episodes.

Sweetie & his Companion.  Probably my most favorite detail. 

Loving the TARDIS key on the stunning bouquet.

Table numbers featured each of the Doctors, with the TARDIS on the couple's table.

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sophialevis said...

Colorful wedding!!! I liked it...Jersey Wedding Photographer

Zerry Ht said...

It is beautiful! The place is perfect for a photoshoot and is simply a unique and a pretty theme. My sister is a pilot and so is her fiancé. I have picked up one of the outdoor Chicago event venues for their wedding and will find out a plane for the decoration. I have to make it look like an airplane. It’s tough but will be fun.

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