Saturday, December 29, 2012

My FAV NERD moments of 2012

My FAV NERD moments of 2012

This has been such a wonderful year for me as a NERD {and every other way too!}.  Here are my favorite NERD highlights from MY 2012 NERD year.  

5.  First "other" con:  Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo
Everyone thought that this show has a bit of a rough start, but for me it was GREAT!  There was a bit of a line situation, but since we got through it quickly I didn't mind.  I made it in time to see the Wild and Crazy Kids reunion followed by the Salute Your Shorts reunion.  It was a nice fun day trip to LA.  Obviously you cannot compete with San Diego Comic Con.  But this was a fun step outside the world of SDCC.

4.  Joss Whedon/Firefly/Avengers/SDCC
SDCC is ALWAYS the highlight of my year, but this year was made extra special by the 10th anniversary of Firefly reunion.  We knew we would have to get in line early.  I kept debating on EARLY or just early.  We ended up doing EARLY and to our awesome surprise were rewarded with an EARLY morning greeting by Joss Whedon himself!  Super sweet/nice/gracious to walk the line of fans for hours!  Thank you Joss!

3.  Finding Doctor Who
I have been told to watch this show for the past two years.  Finally I listened, and to all those naggers, I say "THANK YOU!"  I am officially hooked and have spend the last couple months in a Doctor Who trance.  My Christmas was even Doctor Who inspired with my gingerbread TARDIS' and Doctor Who gifts {wearing my Dalek socks today}!  Now that I have discovered that I do indeed have the BBC America network the Doctor Who series has been set to record for when I catch up!  

2.  Zachary Levi
Though it was only for a moment, meeting Zachary Levi was the highlight of my SDCC this year.  He {like Joss Whedon} was completely friendly/sweet/gracious.  He had enthusiasm for EVERY fan that meet his presence and kept it up for the ENTIRE con {4 1/2 days!}.  He also does this ALL for charity {Operation Smile} which is another reason why I love him so much!  See you in 2013 Zach!?

1.  This Blog
I began this blog on July 20th of this year after having just attended SDCC for the 4th year.  I was blogging before and was feeling uninspired.  SDCC gave me the idea to an all NERD blog, but still keep some of my girlie-ness too!  I bought my VERY FIRST domain name {who knew they were so cheap?!} and was gifted some very ADORBS business cards for Christmas.  I have not looked back once and still have TONS of things I still want to write about.  Even if no one ever sees this, it still gives me an outlet for happiness and spreading NERD cheer!  Of course though, I can't wait to HOPEFULLY have YOU all reading and enjoying NERD-ness into 2013!

Have a Happy New Year!


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