Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Nerdy Girlie at The Escondido Renaissance Faire

The Nerdy Girlie at The Escondido Renaissance Faire

My oldest bro in law suggested the faire to the hunny and I.  He is a big faire attender, us not so much.  But if it was not for him, I would not have had a chance to have such an amazing time!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day...not very fally...but that is San Diego for you.  Actually it was quite hot!  I am wishing now that I wore sunscreen!  

From the moment you began walking up the hill to the faire, you were immersed in the era.  I LOVE how everyone is in and stays in character, so much fun!  Above is a GORG red-tailed hawk.  Her owner was nice enough to bring her over for a closer look.  So majestic!  All the animals at the faire had my full attention!  

I was super close to purchasing a costume for the next faire we attend {or for SDCC or Halloween, sooooo many uses} but the hunny was a no go on that, so myself and my bro in law left empty handed on the costume front.  Guess I need to learn to sew for the both of us!  Loved seeing this Jayne hat {above} at one of the vendors booths!  BROWNCOATS UNITE!

Even though he is not a big fan of dressing up, the hunny was a good sport when I made him our court jester of the day!

All of the amazing musicians were so fun to hear and there was NO WAY you could not be groovin' to the beats they were layin' down {unless you are the hunny!}.

I even got an up close and personal view of Queen Elizabeth.  GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Getting into the spirit of the faire, I had a chance to do some solar pyrographics.  It is art done by harnessing the suns rays. 

On my small wooden circle I drew my M with a pencil.  Then with the help of Lord Harrison, I burned the letter into the wood with a magnifying glass.  It takes a STEADY hand and welding glasses.  SUPER hard and HOT!  Major props to him for his amazing designs!  Check out his FB page here at Eye of Odin Pyrographics.

In the gypsy village I had a chance to encounter another animal!  Here I am illegally feeding Mr. T the horse.  He even tried to give me a kiss...I was not ready to take that step.  

The dark night preparing for battle.  Man did that look HOT!  How does it not burn their face?!

NERD alert...I spotted Ezio from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.  Always on the look out for awesome cosplay!

Even this lil doggie got into the cosplay!

The hunny and bro in law can be seen here HAPPILY eating their turkey legs while we enjoyed The Queen's Swordsmen perform for our amusement.

I must have looked like I was enjoying the show {because I WAS!} when I was volunteered to come up on stage for a sword thrusting lesson.  

They were wonderfully gracious fellows and I thank them for sharing their skills with lil' old me!

After my stage debut, we headed over to catch the main battle.  Wow do I admire these lords and ladies dedication.  It was sweltering out there!  Everyone was super great sports though and battled it out until the bloddy end {no REAL blood was shed}!
This was truly a great experience and I am so glad I deiced to go.  Hopefully next time I will get to go in costume!


Dolnor said...

Sorry I am posting so much, I just found your site when I searched for "Defiance Big Bang Theory".

The original Ren. Faire, which started in Augora, CA and is now up near San Dimas, CA... is coming this April.

They sometimes run special pricing. They have Jousting. I used to be a Historical Enactor but it became too expensive to continue. This Faire was my yearly home! -)


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