Thursday, September 27, 2012

San Diego Comic Con 2011: Day 1

Thursday began with a 5:30am wake up call.  

 Enough time to take a group picture and head for the Breaking Dawn line.

We got to the line around 7am and were pleasantly surprised with a FREE breakfast.  Volunteers passed out muffins, OJ, water and apples!!!  Then the screaming began.....

Members of the Breaking Dawn cast came out to sign autographs to those waiting in line.  Nikki Reed aka Rosalie.  

Ashley Greene aka Alice.

Elizabeth Reaser aka Esme the vampire mother.

And then we finally made it into H Hall around 10:30am and were seated 14 rows back.  Pretty close, could actually make out the actors this year.  And this year Rob's hair was the big news!  Half of his hair was shaved off!!!  They ended up showing two scenes from the new movie.  One with Jacob, Esme and Carlisle discussing who was going to go get Bella more blood to eat, to substance her growing baby.  The 2nd was an AWESOME honeymoon scene.  It showed Edward carrying Bella over the threshold of their honeymoon house...walking into the bedroom...and her saying she needed a "human moment" and getting ready to go for a dip in the ocean with him....NUDE!

They then brought out the rest of the cast for the Q&A portion.  And ended the panel with the Breaking Dawn trailer...and I got a lil teary eyed seeing it on that HUGE screen!

We then had a bunch a time to walk around the floor before heading to the Wilfred panel.  I LOVE this awesome Chuck mirror at the WB booth.

And one of my FAVORITE things about SDCC is walking around and seeing random celebs doing signings. Here are two actors from Dexter.  James Remar (Dexter's Dad) and C.S. Lee (Vincent Masuka) at the Showtime booth.

After walking around the the Showtime booth, I turn around and see Mr. In EVERYTHING James Frain (The Tudors, Tron: Legacy, True Blood, The Count of Monte Cristo {one of my FAV movies} and Flash Forward).  That was totally awesome!!  He is GREAT!

Also spotted Emmy Rossum from The Phantom of the Opera (another one of my FAV movies) signing at the Showtime booth for her show Shameless, after grabbing my favorite swag of the day, a Hunger Games Mocking Jay pin!  We headed up to room 6A to wait for the Wilfred panel.  

We ended up walking right into the room with no wait!  And after one panel ended, we got seats in the VERY front row!!!  To my delight the next panel was for the show Awake staring Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy!)  They showed us the pilot and it was AWESOME!  Kinda reminded me of Inception-ish crazy plot line.  But good, recommend it!!

Next we had to sit through the Beavis and Butthead panel...but plus side Johnny Knoxville was the host.  He and the creator/voice actor/animator made up the panel.

Then it was FINALLY the Wilfred panel!  They showed us tonight's episode, which was HIGH-larious as usual and the cast came out and did a Q&A with the fans.  Elijah Wood was super funny and nice, as was Jason Gann who plays Wilfred.  Got some great shots, even though the water pitcher was directly in my line of site cover up his face most of the time.  

A few of my favorite things from today...the Hunger Games!

This cute kitty!

The Phineas and Ferb booth.

I got to take a picture with the Perry bus and my Dad picked me up a FREE Ferb to bed after a satisfying diner at Pho and back to the Con again early 2morrow to get into line for Ballroom 20, which I heard was a MAD HOUSE today....good night!!!


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