Thursday, September 6, 2012

Futurama Season 7 Review

This Futurama Season 7 review is brought to you by The Hypno Toad......

Every season has its ups and downs and Futurama season 7 was no different.  It started off strong, had an ok middle and a good end.  

1.  The Bots and the Bees - A good solid way to begin the season.  Bender impregnates a vending machine, and end up being a good father to his new son.  Bender is one of my favorite characters so when it's an episode centered around him, I'm bound to love it!  

2.  A Farewell to Arms - For some reason I keep thinking that this episode was from LAST season!  The crew finds an ancient Martian text that says the world is going to end.  Love the Fry and Leela relationship and glad it had a sweet ending.

3.  Decision 3012 - Don't usually like when the show does a "what's big now that we can spoof" episode.  This time it was the presidential election. What I did enjoy was the time travel aspect of this episode.

4  The Thief of Baghead - Bender becomes a paparazzi.  I liked that being a photographer myself.  The only thing I did not like was how freaky everyone looked when they lost their souls...can you say nightmares?!  

5.  Zapp Dingbat - This one was MEH...did they really need to go there, just for Leela's parents to get back together again at the end.  I did like that during one scene you could see Leela dressed up as Lee Lemon and no one noticed!

6.  The Butterjunk Effect - Not being a huge sports fan this episode about Leela and Amy joining an all girls fly flight league was a bit out of my reach.

7.  The Six Million Dollar Mon - Hermes begins trading in his human parts for robot parts.  I really think I am prejudice towards any character that is not Fry or Bender.  Those are usually the episodes that I do not end up liking as much.  

8.  Fun on a Bun - LOVED the title of this episode, since it is one of Bender's catch phrases.  This is also the episode that we were able to preview at SDCC this year.  Bender enters a sausage making contest and the crew thinks that the meat is made up of Fry.  

9.  Free Will Hunting - Bender finds out that he does not have free will.  I enjoyed the crew going back to the planet inhabited only by robots.  Whenever the writers threw in something old stuff for the fans, it really made me love the show even more!  Before the show finally came back on the air, all I had was the first four seasons.  I watched them over and over again, so it is fun to go back to those old places again.

*10.  Near-Death Wish - My favorite of the season.  Fry gets to meet Dr. Farnsworths parents.  I really enjoyed the crew going back to the Near Death Star and the throwbacks to the older seasons because of it.  This was such a heartwarming episode.  I think that this should have been the finale.

11.  Viva Mars Vegas - Wasn't my favorite, but I did love how Zoidburg got to be rich for a few hours and I was totally stressing while he was playing roulette!
12.  31st Century Fox - LOVED the Patrick Setwart cameo, not has himself but as the fox {the network?!} hunter.  *Spoiler Alert* great how they made him a robot at the end...I was surprised!

13.  Naturama - Reminded me of the What If Machine episodes.  Enjoyed the salmon story, but sad for the ending {but kinda happy?!}

I noticed in three episodes this season, when I went back and watched them last night, that the show incorporated stuff from the previous four seasons.  Now I have to go back and re-watch all of them to see if there is anything else!

*favorite of the season.


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