Tuesday, December 13, 2016

10 Ways to Have a Very Doctor Who Christmas

With all the excitement of the 50th Anniversary and the regeneration of the 11th Doctor in this year's Christmas special, what better way then to celebrate Christmas, than with Doctor Who! Here are TEN of my favorite ways to make your Christmas WHO-y.
1.  This TARDIS blue, Doctor Who inspired Christmas tree, shows off your fandom to the fullest!
2.  Here is a perfect ornament to add to your Doctor Who inspired tree.  Or as just a small surprise in your current tree.
3.  Don't BLINK around this Weeping Angel tree topper!
4.  Sending out cards to family, friends and Whovians?  This one is so cute!
5.  Hang a TARDIS stocking on your fireplace!
6.  Having the family over to celebrate the holidays?  Try out our DIY gingerbread TARDIS!

7.  Counting down the days till Christmas AND the Doctor Who Christmas special couldn't be more fun with this printable Doctor Who advent calendar!  One fun Whovian surprise for each day.
8.  Cozy up by the fire, watch some Who and make this adorable Doctor Who cross stitch decoration for your home.
9.  Light up your tree with a TARDIS!
10.  The perfect tee for Christmas morning!

How do you celebrate the holidays with your favorite fandoms?!  Share with us in the comments below and we can keep our list growing!  Tis' the season!

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  1. That is actually the stocking I bought for my 5 year old this year for Christmas, he was very impressed.

  2. Eeek! I love all of this! The TARDIS lights are so cute!

    1. Jen, love them too! So many awesome DW-y things out there!! xo

  3. I wish I had seen that Doctor Who advent calendar sooner! Maybe they'll be on sale again next year ^_^

  4. Hahah I need that stocking!

  5. LOVE the Tardis lights! Want for my living room!! I definitely want to up my geek Christmas decoration game for next year - I am lacking sorely!

  6. Gabriela MenchacaDecember 09, 2014

    That tree is amazing! I have an Adventure Time/LSP printout ornament from last year.She's wearing an xmas sweater, haha ;)

  7. I LOVE that Joie too cute!! xx

  8. awww love the lil touches!! xx

  9. I want them for my everyday! LOL xx

  10. I saw a DIY on Pinterest...maybe next year! xx

  11. great list! I just bought the his & her Tardis gingerbread house t-shirts for Christmas morning! Thanks for the tip!!! XOXO