Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: 5 Magical Items I Would Love To Own

This one was a hard one for me because I couldn't get past the world of Harry Potter! I had to enlist some of my favorite fangirls for ideas and they helped me move past Harry Potter...a bit. LOL
1.  Wand. The one magical item that can basically do anything! Hopefully it would come me as naturally as Hermione and I would not be the Seamus of the class.

2.  Pensieve. Now that I think about this, I'm not sure if this would be a good or bad thing. I could see someone getting lost in their memories and forgetting to make new ones. But it could also be a good reminder of the good times, when you are struggling with bad times.

3. A Magic Lamp. Three wishes?! Yes please. I would hope I wouldn't be impulsive with them, but the fangirl in me might go a lil well fangirl. LOL I'll start my planning now.

4. Portkey. I love driving and being able to listen to my music. But an hour or so drive is about my limit. The portkey would be great for LONG trips...say to England. If I could get there in a flash...that would be perfect.

5. Time Turner. Another one that could be good in theory. It would be fun to go back and relive exciting moments. Change the past? But that would upset the present. Time travel is a tricky beast. Not one to mess with. Those the necklace is super cute...maybe just use it as an accessory!


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  1. Haha, I wrote the same things more of less :D

  2. I'm so behind (haven't written mine up yet!) but the list I made is basically all Harry Potter haha! They just have so many conveniences!

  3. I got a bit caught up in Harry Potter as well. There's just so much cool stuff!

  4. Great choices - so many Harry Potter items! I almost included a portkey too, for the exact same reason, but the wand is a must-have!

  5. I would use the time turner all the time! I just wouldn't change anything. I'd give myself more time to read and lay around.

  6. Liz TailorApril 10, 2015

    It's all about that wand. It can do so much!!!

  7. Liz TailorApril 10, 2015

    I totally forgot to add Time Turner to mine, but yes!! That is a must have magical item! I'd go back and watch Star Wars on opening day in 1977!! #priorities

  8. I had a hard time picking not just Harry Potter too...soooo I decided one item would be the Hallows heehee!
    I need a Portkey to CA, and one i CA to bring me back home!

  9. I considered adding a lamp to my list as well...but then figured I had a want to cover it. Everytime I think about the lamp though, all I can hear is Genie singing " ain't never had a friend like me!" Haha

  10. It's so hard to not get caught on HP. There is just so much good stuff. Like a time-turner? omg, yes please!

  11. OMG, I can't believe I forgot to put Time Turner on my lis!t >_< I almost put Port Key on my list too, but I decided I wanted a Nimbus 2000 instead. :)