Saturday, July 11, 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2015 - Geeks Go Glam

I cannot believe that one small silly idea three months ago when Being Geek Chic's Liz came out to visit/work in LA came to fruition just a few days ago. When she came to visit both of us were going through a rough time {part one / part two}. It was meant to be that we came together at that exact moment. I don't think that Geeks Go Glam would have been born otherwise.

The party was an amazing success. We learned A LOT. And we did it together!
Quirk Books brought an amazing custom photo booth with a background straight out of Sam Maggs' The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy. It was a hit all night long! I WISH I had time to be in it more. THOUGH I was in in quite a bit and LOVE the photos with my nerds. I will be framing them when I get back home! I LOVE these nerd girls!
Kombucha on Tap brought us some amazing drinks! It was my very first time trying Kombucha and I loved it! They also had coffee which I HAD to Instagram in my #100cupsofcoffee series!
High Voltage Magazine brought my favorite band The Filthy Souls down from LA. Dave Green gave a smashing solo show! So much so, that people who were just walking BY the party wanted to come rock out with us! Dave even dedicated my favorite song of his to me I'm Dirty And I Know. #happytears Above is his amazing cover of Let's Get It On! Perfect for us nerds at SDCC yes?! LOL
We also had to hit up the photo booth with his GORG and talented girlfriend. I'm so happy to have these cool kids as friends. #LA4Eva
Wattpad provided our guests with some AWESOME swag bags...which included a super nerdy Cards Against Humanity deck! I've never played before and I cannot WAIT to use these cards! Who's ready for a game night?!
This party would NOT have happened if Liz and I didn't have some amazingly awesome nerdy friends. They volunteered at the party and made it perfect! They aren't just volunteers they are our nerd family! Thank you to Tillie, JD, Els, Noel, Joie, Brooke, Dan, and John for making our party amazing and letting Liz and I enjoy it!

People were freaking out for our awesome giveaway items from Think Geek Solutions, The Geeky Hostess and High Voltage Magazine. Thank you guys for making our guests so happy!
ONE MORE BIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGG thank you to EVERYONE who was apart of this party, who came and who supported us and believed in this idea. Liz and I met for the first time at San Diego Comic Con three cons ago {we'd been Twitter friends for longer} and I cannot image my life without this strong and inspiring woman. I would have never have done this party without her. My CON-fidence has grown ten fold thanks to her.

NOW who's ready for Geeks Go Glam 2016?! We would love to do it again next year and make it bigger and better! Stay tuned!
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  1. Congrats you guys! It looks like you all had so much fun!

  2. I hope you do this next year! I'd love to go!

  3. This just looks incredibly AWESOME. I am so glad this came together wonderfully for you both, it looked like it was one heck of a time.

  4. Theresa AkinsJuly 11, 2015

    OMG how fun and wish I was there! I love you ladies! You are the coolest girlz on earth, oops I mean the galaxy.

  5. This looks like so much fun!!! You should host one in NYC :-)

  6. I am obsessed with Kombucha! Totally envious you had some on tap.

    Looks like SDCC was a blast too :)

  7. Lindsey, it was my first time having it and I loved it! xx

  8. awww thanks so much Theresa! Next year!! xx

  9. thank you Kati! Hope you see you there next year!! xx

  10. Fingers crossed B!! Missed you there this year!! xx

  11. I had such a fun time!! I hope it will be a yearly thing!!

  12. I really like GT's Organic Kombucha. We don't have a lot of options out here in Panama City when health food is concerned but it doesn't have an additives. It seems pretty legit and yummy.

  13. Looks so much fun! I love your photos & those Cards Against Humanity omg :')