Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Games I Love To Play

I am not the biggest gamer....GASP! I know, I know...I try, I really do...but it just isn't my cup o' tea. BUT there is hope - I have a very FEW amount of games that get my time.

1. Pokemon Snap. Probably one, if not, the most favorite game of mine. About once a year I want to dig out the old Nintendo 64 and play the game straight through without stopping. Usually takes a good three hours or so. Totally worth it.

2. Mario Kart. I might be a BIT competitive and Marko Kart {or any game really} brings that out in me {I blame my father! LOL}. Maybe that is why I don't play too many games, I don't like loosing! LOL My go to character?! Peach, always Peach!

3. Mario Party. Another game I don't like to lose at. My family and I have spent hours and days playing this game in all it's incarnations. I am super tempted to get the new Wii JUST to play this game {and the new Mario Kart and Star Fox}. I would be happy JUST playing the mini games by myself all day!

4. Star Fox 64. Another one that I love to go back to and take a day to beat the entire way through. While at the Video Game Awards in Las Vegas this past December it was announced that a NEW Star Fox was coming out and I almost jumped out of my seat with happiness. That new Wii is looking more and more like a must buy!

5. Rock Band. Back when this game first came out I was obsessed! I LOVE singing all the songs...the instruments were meh. NOW that I started guitar lessons, I've gotten back into the game and this time with the guitar. I feel like I'm actually playing the guitar and it is WAY easier than the real guitar. I might practice Rock Band guitar more than the real thing...don't tell my instructor!

I went into this prompt thinking board games, but am happy with my video game choices. These five games have some great memories attached to them. Now to have a weekend marathon playing them all again!

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  1. Oh! I have so many great memories from playing my old Nintendo 64 :) I always wanted Pokemon Snap, but got Pokemon Stadium instead which was quite fun as well. Played Mario Kart and Mario Party a lot! :D My first game was Banjo-Kazooie and my favorite game was Zelda Ocarina of Time. Still love Mario and Zelda games :)

  2. Mindy NickelApril 24, 2015

    Oh, love Mario Kart! I'm absolutely terrible at it, but it's such a fun party game.

    My selections went the same way as well! I was hoping to include board games, but then wound up with a whole list of video games:

  3. Wow, you are NOT a true nerd if you don't like video games! No I am just kidding. I hate when people get mad at "nerds" who don't like video games. Growing up my sisters and I only had a Nintendo 64 and all we had was Mario Party, Super Mario and Yoshi's Story. I only played a few computer games then too. Truth is, I don't like video games now a days because they make me feel dizzy! I can't even watch other people play certain games without feeling sick.

  4. I always cheated by playing Base in Rock Band:) It is the easiest and you can pretty much always get the highest score, while looking cool.

  5. Mario Kart never gets old! I used to have The Beatles Rock Band and it was so fun!!

  6. Shawna! LOL I love all the Mario stuff and it is same with me on the new games. I tried Left For Dead and tho I liked it, it did make me dizzy! xx

  7. I love all of the games you chose! Pokemon Snap is great, did you ever print off photo stickers at Blockbuster?

  8. Yay Rock Band! And the WiiU is really nice! It's a VAST improvement to the Wii (it plays Wii games, so if you have some already, you don't need to buy new ones).
    Mario Kart 8 is on my to get list too! I think you can race people online if you swap info ;)