Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: My Fictional Boyfriends

I was on a roll writing my 5 Fandom posts and missed read this one as fictional boyfriends instead of BBFs!  So instead of changing it, I'm gonna just run with it.  LOL  Plus I get to look up pictures for each of my loves, what a nice way to spend an afternoon!
1.  Edward Cullen. One word. Vampire. Ok second word British.
2.  10th Doctor. Did you NOT think he would make the list? Anyone watching Broadchurch? I'm half way done with the new season and LOVES it!
3.  Louis de Pointe du Lac. Vampire. AND my favorite movie! Just got it on Blu Ray for my birthday...guess what I'm doing this weekend?!
4.  Aidan Waite. Do I have a thing for vampires? Yes, yes I do. Sam Witwer is my #1 man crush!
5.  Pacey Witter. BUT before Sam there was Joshua and The Mighty Ducks. Love is a fickle beast :)

Can you believe that only TWO of these were British?! I know me too! That's because I could only pick five! I could go on for days with my fictional boyfriends! LOL Honorable mention to my newest boyfriend Idris Elba! #swoon
I LOVE when you all mix up the prompts! It was fun to have a stab at it. I cannot wait to go read yours now! Sorry I've been off the comment circuit lately...vacation...trying to find a job...working my butt off doing that! LOVE YOU NERDS and thank you for all of your support!

ps ONE MORE THING...if you want to vote for my British music boy friends The Filthy Souls that would be GREAT! They were number ONE on KROQ's Local's Only Countdown this past Sunday and we want them there again! Thanks nerds! xx {LISTEN to them HERE}


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  1. Louis <3 I love that movie to it's been so damn long since I last watched it though I definitely need to remedy that tonight xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. Oh Sam Witwer. With that jawline. And hair. And those eyes.

  3. You really do have a serious thing for vampires!!

  4. OMG. I'm so jealous you got to meet Sam Witwer! I'm four episodes away from finishing Being Human US, and I'm SO SAD. By the way, I'm sure you've watched Being Human UK, being the Anglophile that you are, but if you haven't you should ~totally~ give it a shot. Aidan Turner is the vamp on that show, which is lovely. :)

  5. Love this one! And Idris Elba... mmmmmm :)

  6. Kendall that was my 4th time! EVERY time I swoon! LOL xx I'll have to try out the UK version again, it is the ONLY UK version that I like least! LOL

  7. B he walked into the room with that suit on and I feel like there should have been some time of warning! I wasn't ready for that! LOL xx

  8. Your 4th time??? Gah! That's amazing.
    And Being Human UK does kinda go off the rails at the end, I'll be honest. But I'm always game for anything with Aidan Turner. :)

  9. That David Tennant photo though! :O I love him! :)

  10. One time it was 2x in one day...#dead

  11. RIGHT! It was kinda hard to pick one! LOL xx

  12. Katie OhToFeelPrettyMarch 13, 2015

    My five fictional boyfriends would be:
    1. Gabriel from Supernatural. I met Richard Speight Jr and he is gorgeous.
    2. John Constantine. I'd end up dead but it'd be a fun ride.
    3. Nightwing. Current comic crush.
    4. Spike. Pre season 4. I'd have to be a vampire not to end up a corpse, but he's just so cool.
    5. George Weasley.

    That was really hard. There aren't so many fictional guys I want to date apparently, or not that I can think of,

  13. Florentina ScusiMarch 13, 2015

    My fictional bf would be def Pacey Witter

  14. Melissa (Eris)March 16, 2015

    I love Anne Rice's Vampires. Lestat is my favorite but Louis is a close second

  15. YES! LOVE this list!
    And no man wears a suit like Idris Elba. The man was made to rock them!