Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me

I don't have a LOT of stuff on my wish list.  I like having experiences more now than buying things.  The Hunny already bought me my present {ASF Portland trip} and I am happy to just be with family and friends.  BUT if I HAD to choose are my top five!
5 Fandom Friday - Santa List

1.  Coffee Selfie Mug & I'm Famous On My Blog Mug  - Cute & funny mugs?!  Yes please!

2.  Union Jack Doc Martens  - I tried these on in the store once and fell in love!  The ribbon laces are so cute!

3.  Sheet Music TOMS  -  YES I have a shoe problem!  My favorite shoes + music...WIN!

4.  Night London Skyline Skirt  - I ADORE this skirt & this has pockets!!  DEAD.

5.  Union Jack Tardis Cardigan  - Union Jack + TARDIS = NEED!

Cannot wait to see your wishlists!  Share them below and don't forget to tweet them to me as well!  Hope Santa brings you everything you want!


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  1. I was eyeballing that cardigan during their black friday sale! Aaaaahhhh <3

  2. Those Docs, I love them! Also that skirt is so damn pretty and would totally go perfectly with that cardigan xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  3. I love your list! I hope you manage to get a few things!

  4. Woo representing the UK! Haha :) When you're from the UK you just can't get away with wearing Union Jack printed stuff.. Unless it's the world cup or the Olympics! I bought a Union Jack bag once and everyone was like "what are you doing?!" Haha! I'd still wear those boots though! :)

  5. Mindy NickelDecember 12, 2014

    Great list! I love those mugs. My favorite Valentine's Day gift exchange was when my boyfriend and I gave each other funny mugs. Mine was Grumpy Cat and my boyfriend's was Breaking Bad. Love both sets of those shoes too!

  6. Katya! HA that is great, guess I cannot move there then! xx

  7. Oh, that skirt is just gorgeous, and I adooooooore those TOMS! I need a new pair as I've worn holes through my current pair, lol!

  8. Kendall AshleyDecember 12, 2014

    I love that mug! So cute!

  9. I love your wishlist! I still want that skirt too!

  10. The blog mug...I am sure that strikes a chord with many of us :) So cute. Mine are all things to create the perfect book nook!

  11. If I don't get it for Christmas Joie I'm buying it!! xx

  12. Meghan SullivanDecember 12, 2014

    I LOVE those Toms!! Music sheet just about anything I covet.

    The whole list is fantastic. I hope Santa is good to you!

  13. Travis The GrimmDecember 13, 2014

    LOVE that HU cardigan! SO amazing!

  14. I love the Xavier one even more! Not made up lol.

  15. There are some Union Jack ones too that I love. TOMS are my favorite! xx