Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween

I LOVE to dress up!  I think that is why I love going to conventions so much.  It gives me an excuse!  Everyday Cosplay is another great way to get my dress-up on and it be a bit more subtle!  I cannot wait for THIS year's Halloween costume {hint it's #5!}
1.  The Doctor - Ever since I fell in love with Doctor Who, dressing as any of the Doctors have been my go to con costume.  10 is MY Doctor but I LOVE dressing as 11 the most!
2.  Marty McFly - The first costume I ever really went for it for was Marty McFly.  It will always hold a special spot in my heart.  I hope to one day where it to a con, but usually it is TOO HOT!  Bucket list is to get a picture of me dressed as Marty next to a Delorean!

3.  UniKitty - I made up an Everyday Cosplay of this one for my good friend and I all the pink and adorableness got to me and it would be super fun and girlie!

4.  Shindig Kaylee - I think this would be my dream cosplay!  A huge, pink, fluffy dress?!  

5.  Lloyd Dobler - THIS is my costume this year!!!!  I got everything at the thrift shop for under $30 and cannot wait to wear it!  I guess to Comikaze, since that is on Halloween!  Hope to see some of you there!

So what are yours?!  What are you plans for Halloween this year!?  Share everything with me in the comments below!


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  1. I love your list! So far my Halloween plans include taking my nephew Trick or Treating (he's Rocket Raccoon) and then probably out to a bar afterwards! (Without him of course LOL) I have my Fandom 5 posted too!

  2. I love your Marty McFly! That would be so rad to get a pic with a Delorean. :D

    My pics include some just for me, and some I'd love to rock as family costumes with my hubs and our little!

  3. Your 11th Doctor getup is so cute! I love the bow tie on the head idea! Aaah! I still can't decide what/who I'm dressing up as.. And I usually just stick around and hand candy out to lil trick-or-treaters, but we'll see!

  4. I love that Marty McFly costume! Great list!

  5. Your costumes are great!! :) My friends had a Back to the Future party once, so much fun!

    I'm working a gig on Halloween -- our 10 year anniversary/album release party. It'll be tons of fun. And since I already have a uniform for the band, no need to think hard about what I'll wear.

  6. I love your Marty McFly!!!
    Here are mine:

  7. I love your Marty McFly outfit - that would suit me down to the ground as someone who's never really got into cosplay of any kind!

  8. Love your Marty McFly! Very cute.

  9. The unikitty would be so rad. Colour and glitter everywhere. I hope you choose that one.

  10. I love the Unikitty outfit. It's just so cute!

  11. Loving your Doctor outfit. "I wear a hair bow now, hair bows are cool"

  12. Great list! I'm joining you guys this week:

  13. Thank you guys, so great reading all of yours!! xx

  14. Love the McFly Costume! And can't wait for Shindig Kaylee (I say this hoping this happens!).

    1. When I get more monies I will deff be doing Kaylee, i want to do a short version of the dress!

  15. (oh and here's mine:

  16. I love your choices! I picked Kaylee's Shindig dress too, as well as the casual version. Man the Marty McFly one is so simple to pull together but so perfect!

    Here's mine

  17. Your Marty McFly costume is AMAZEBALLS. I think Shindig Kaylee would be such an awesome costume too, and you can walk around and give out strawberry candies! :D